Airware ® Adding Extraordinary To Your Daily Life

Airware ® Adding Extraordinary To Your Daily Life

A pair of spectacle lenses that support a carefree hassle-free lifestyle, correcting our vision,  while being aesthetic - Essilor's Airware ® is the solution

Avision care solution is a combination of correction, protection and prevention and we at Essilor ensure to address this via our various lens solutions and value added services. This is possible only because consumer evolving needs are at the core of all our R&D and innovation. So how do we take this a notch higher by adding on and making lens wearing experience better.

As consumers we want that one pair of spectacle lenses that support a carefree hassle-free lifestyle, correcting our vision, protecting us from the enemies of vision such as reflections, scratch, dust, smudge, waste resistance, UV and Blue light protection all this while being aesthetic! thinner, lighter and of course more durable.

Well Essilor does have the perfect pair for every consumer by combing the benefits of its various innovations like Crizal, Varilux, Transitions and Eyezen with our trusted and recommended lens material Airware ® adding extraordinary to your daily life.

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Our studies suggest that 84% of consumers think that impact-resistance is one of four most important criteria when choosing a pair of eyeglasses, while 80% of consumers are interested in ultrathin lenses to optimize wearing comfort and aesthetic even for high correction and not feel heaviness of the lenses.

The material was initially developed for highly protective equipment, such as visors for motorbike helmets, or for astronaut helmet visors and space shuttle windshields. In the early 80’s eyeglass lenses were introduced in response to growing customer demand for lenses that were both lightweight and impact resistant and thus in 1997 Creation of Airwear® lens material, which benefits heightens Crizal®, EyezenTM and Varilux® lens properties.

It’s a complete package as it is the most effective impact resistance material for eyewear. The magic of Airwear® is that increasing shock resistance does not impact the weight of the lens. It is a lightweight and aesthetically thin material combined with Crizal Blue UV capture that blocks 100% transmission of UV rays and protects the wearer from harmful blue light while allowing the beneficial blue light.  All this while protecting our planet as it is a recyclable lens material so the material waste can be given a second life. 

Airwear® is the choice for all age groups with various vision care needs and compatible with any frame type. Providing protection and durability every day and allowing consumers to enjoy comfort and lightness without compromise on aesthetic. Choose Airware ® to add extraordinary to your daily life.


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