Eyewear Extravaganza: VisionPlus EXPO Shines Bright in Dubai!

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Eyewear Extravaganza: VisionPlus EXPO Shines Bright in Dubai!

The VisionPlus EXPO celebrated its triumphant return in 2023 with its highly anticipated third edition, solidifying its position as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the eyewear industry. The prestigious event earned immense acclaim in its earlier iterations, and this year is no exception

As the curtains fell on the third edition of the VisionPlus EXPO in October 2023, attendees were left in awe and admiration. The event is a remarkable showcase of excellence in the MENA region, featuring stellar displays of brands, innovative eyewear, cutting-edge optic technology, and a wide array of accessories and contact lenses.

In fact, about 150 global eyewear and optical brands were showcased by 25 exhibiting countries. Dedicated pavilions from Germany, France, Italy, India, China, Korea, Taiwan, etc. added to the high levels of excitement
and novelty value.

Industry leaders rallied around the event, making their presence felt and contributing significantly to its success. The exhibition dazzled international visitors from 72 countries, with a diverse range of eyewear, from chic designs to elegant colour palettes.

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The exhibiting brands reaped the rewards of this attention, securing numerous buyers and establishing valuable connections with potential partners. The VisionPlus EXPO not only showcased outstanding brands but also was a platform for knowledge sharing, thanks to the engaging sessions hosted by the VP Academy.

One distinctive feature of the 2023 edition was the thought-provoking panel discussion that explored the potential for interprofessional collaboration between optometry and ophthalmology. With participants from around the world, the concept resonates strongly, underscoring its success as a unique addition to the event.

Dubai, the chosen host city for the VisionPlus EXPO, played a pivotal role in the event's success. It reaffirms its status as a global destination, attracting travellers from all corners of the globe, particularly those in the optical trade.

Dubai's unique blend of business and leisure, bolstered by its business-friendly infrastructure and excellent global connectivity, makes it the perfect hub for optical trade procurement.

This appeal is further amplified by the city's accessibility, with short travel times for opticians in India and an English-speaking environment that eases the process of international transactions. Furthermore, Dubai enticed visitors with a tantalizing array of international eyewear brands, creating an irresistible draw for opticians from all over the globe.

No celebration of excellence would be complete without recognition, and the VisionPlus EXPO, Dubai made sure to include these important elements.

The VisionPlus Awards and ‘You&Eye’ Global Opticians Awards 2023, hosted as part of the event, are a testament to the commitment to celebrate achievements in the optical trade.

Being nominated by a distinguished panel of judges was a significant honour, indicative of the superior quality of the nominated products in a highly competitive industry.

The winners, on the other hand, walked away with coveted trophies, a symbol of their excellence and the industry's acknowledgement of their contributions.

To further spotlight these exceptional brands, the VisionPlus team crafted a comprehensive promotion strategy using print and digital channels to showcase their unique features and capabilities to the optical industry.

The VisionPlus EXPO has had an incredible journey since its inception in 2021. Conceived as the future of International Optical Trade Fairs by FourPlus Media, it has successfully bridged the gap between the optical trade fairs hosted in the West and the MENA region.

The vision took shape through the dedication and hard work of Siraj Bolar and the FourPlus Media team. Their resolute determination resulted in an easily accessible procurement hub for India and Southeast Asia, enabling the region to participate in world-class optical trade fair experiences.

With the success of consecutive editions, the VisionPlus EXPO is poised for a bright future.

The overwhelming response from visitors and exhibitors alike generated a surge of enquiries for the next edition, and it was with a deep sense of responsibility that the team embraced the challenge of VisionPlus EXPO, Dubai 2023.

The VisionPlus EXPO's third edition in 2023 marked a triumphant return for this prestigious event.

It established itself as a touchstone of innovation and excellence in the eyewear industry, continuing to build upon the immense acclaim it had garnered in its previous editions.

The enthusiastic and positive feedback from both visitors and exhibitors has sparked a significant increase in enquiries about the next edition.

We eagerly look forward to welcoming you once again for the VisionPlus EXPO, Dubai 2024 next year!



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