Silhouette Launches The Purist Collection

Silhouette Launches The Purist Collection

Recognized as the global market leader in premium rimless eyewear, Silhouette has introduced the new collection that presents one pair of glasses with two looks

Silhouette has never failed to impress with its exhaustive collections, each item carefully designed to give the wearer the best possible experience.

The brand's latest creation is a premium, ultra-lightweight, rimless design which changes its look depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

Purist 7530

The Design

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The new Purist model features a clean, delicate, and dynamic line that extends along each side, from the front to the ends of the temples. When viewed from above, the concave and convex surfaces work together to form a harmonious whole. The design of the sides creates a sense of flow reminiscent of Silhouette’s Titan Minimal Art collection, the iconic feather-light design made from high-tech titanium that embodies Silhouette's core design values.

Roland Keplinger, Design Director at Silhouette, explains the secret behind the design: "The core idea behind the Purist frames is the way the minimalist line transitions into a precisely crafted, flowing form whenever you view them from different angles.” This innovative design is aimed at the sophisticated wearer who appreciates aesthetics and design.

The design is innovative, creative, and minimalist - all at the same time. Minimalistic, modern design is at the heart of the Purist concept, which was inspired by optical illusions in art installations and architecture.

Silhouette is underscoring its innovative strength and creativity with the Purist Collection. These qualities have played a key role in making the Austrian brand the global market leader in premium rimless eyewear.

The Purist Collection combines high-tech materials and techniques to create rimless eyewear that has its finger on the pulse of innovation. The integrated maintenance- free snap hinge is an innovation that ensures the glasses are easy to handle and have a sleek, elegant look.

Silhouette's patented SPX^+, a highly stable and ultra-light high-tech material, is used to create an attractive matte or translucent finish. The titanium temples with their sculpted flex zones can be adjusted to create the perfect fit.

The Purist model embodies Silhouette's commitment to precision and craftsmanship and its home country of Austria. The glasses are available in countless variations, which can be created by combining modern lens shapes with different color options that transcend the seasons.

The colours

Among the bold colour options are Vigorous Berry and Courageous White which can be combined with the striking contoured butterfly shape for women and a distinctive hexagon shape for men. This makes it an excellent style statement.

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