VisionPlus EXPO: Dubai Get Ready For the 2023 Edition

VisionPlus EXPO Dubai: Get Ready For the 2023 Edition

The overwhelming success of VisionPlus EXPO 2022 is a testimony to the fact that the optical trade community has overcome the pandemic slowdown and is all charged up for a stronger year!

Exhibitors from over 18 countries, visitors from 68+ countries, 125+ eyewear brands showcased, knowledge sharing sessions, rewards and recognition for brands, networking with the stalwarts of the optical trade….the list is endless when it comes to the success of VisionPlus EXPO 2022.

So naturally the expectations from the 2023 edition are already high. The theme for this year focuses on bringing Vision to Life that beautifully blends Dubai's centralised location, world-class infrastructure and of course the VisionPlus EXPO reputation to bring the best of optical trade under one roof.

VisionPlus EXPO 2023 invites the optical world to come to Dubai for a true celebration of eyewear - the place Where Vision Comes to Life. With two successful editions to its credit, the platform has established itself as one of the most coveted stages - that truly appreciates the development and achievements of the optical trade in the MENA region. In this issue, we get candid with Jasbir Bolar, Marketing Director, VisionPlus and FourPlus Media, to get an insight into what lies in store for the next edition.

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VisionPlus (VP): With this background, tell us Jasbir how would you summarise the entire experience. Jasbir Bolar (JB): Well, I think it was fantastic. I have always been vocal about the love and encouragement

that the optical trade has extended to the VisionPlus EXPO. The numbers, the participation, the feedback is all a testimony to the fact that people love the VisionPlus EXPO. The show grew by 65% and the number of visitors grew by 100%. We had a large percentage that was a repeat turnout from last year. So the growth is surely impressive. And why not! The location is convenient, the spread of products is impressive and the arrangements are fantastic! It is the perfect mix for anyone who is into the business.

VP: Interesting, with expectations already soaring through the sky… what are your plans for 2023?

JB: VisionPlus EXPO is not just an exhibition, it is a platform that we are developing to give the optical trade a holistic experience - get updated on the latest in eyewear, eyecare, equipment, technology and of course recognition - all under one roof. With the maiden edition in 2021, we set out on this journey to strengthen this platform. The success of 2022 is proof that we are in the right direction so 2023 is only going to be bigger!

Of course the destination is Dubai so the ease of access from the neighboring countries and the state-of-the-art infrastructure will continue. For exhibitors and visitors - let me tell you that the show is only going to grow bigger and better in every sense.

We are already in talks with some of the big names of the industries - this implies that the line-up of brands that will be on display is going to be on an even larger scale.

The maiden edition of VisionPlus EXPO established. Dubai as a new destination for eyewear shows. It was among the few successful trade shows for the optical industry, attracting more than 2,500 buyers - of which 1500+ were international. This year the plan is to build on the success of the last edition and give all the participants a bigger show and even better experience with the third edition of the VisionPlus EXPO.

VP: What can participants expect?

JB: VisionPlus EXPO 2022 would give the optical trade community a chance to capitalise on Dubai’s unbeatable centralised location, world-class infrastructure, and the influx of business and leisure travelers. This opportunity to be a procurement hub for an international audience will further strengthen the position of Dubai as a destination to reinvent all businesses including the optical trade. We also have bigger promotion plans in place - some fantastic offers that will give the exhibiting brands a chance to leverage our extensive readership to showcase their offerings to the audience that matters.

We are aiming for a bigger attendance from the regional markets, extending to the entire Middle East & Africa region, and South Asian markets including the Indian subcontinent going up to Singapore and Malaysia.

VP: Tell us a little about the knowledge sharing at the 2023 edition…

JB: Besides the business aspect, VP Academy — a CME-accredited knowledge-sharing platform that would be hosted at the exhibition. Like every year, we will bring the experts from the trade to talk about the trending topics in the industry.

VP: Any other special additions…

JB: This edition will also have a special featured area — Project Eyewear, to showcase upcoming eyewear designers. Visitors who are looking for that ‘something different’ would definitely love this. ​​And of course, VP Awards (Arabia) remains a big draw, as a celebration of eyewear business in the MENA region

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