ZEISS : Leading the eyeglass industry for more than 100 years

ZEISS : Leading the eyeglass industry for more than 100 years

Founded in 1846 and owned by the Carl Zeiss Foundation since 1889, the innovative strength and extensive optical expertise of ZEISS has played a central role in shaping the eyeglass industry since 1912. April 1st 1912 marked the beginning of medical technology and vision care at ZEISS with two key inventions, combining medical and optical expertise, which is still unique in the world to this day. ZEISS launched PUNKTAL, the world’s first-ever point-focal imaging precision eyeglass lens. That same day, the world’s first slit lamp was launched for performing eye exams.

Founding Fathers Carl Zeiss and Ernst Abbe

Founding Fathers Carl Zeiss and Ernst Abbe

Today, ZEISS is an internationally leading technology enterprise operating in the fields of optics and optoelectronics. In the previous fiscal year, the ZEISS Group generated annual revenue totaling more than 5.8 billion euros in its four segments; Industrial Quality & Research, Medical Technology, Consumer Markets and Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, investing 642 million euros in research and development. With around 30,000 employees, ZEISS is represented in nearly 50 countries, with approximately 60 of its own sales and service companies and 30 manufacturing and development centers around the globe.

For its customers, ZEISS develops, produces and distributes highly innovative solutions for industrial metrology and quality assurance, microscopy solutions for the life sciences and materials research, and medical technology solutions for diagnostics and treatment in ophthalmology and microsurgery. The name ZEISS is also synonymous with the world’s leading lithography optics, which are used by the chip industry to manufacture semiconductor components.

ZEISS Vision Care

ZEISS Vision Care, as one strategic business unit of ZEISS, develops and produces exceptional technological instruments and offerings for the entire eyeglass value chain. This includes the development, production and distribution of high-quality precision eyeglass lenses, diagnostic instruments and services.

When ZEISS invented freeform technology, a completely new level of customized vision care became possible.

With production sites for semi-finished lenses, as well as stock, sunglass and self-tinting lenses, global Rx labs in America, Europe and Asia, and local service and glazing labs, and regional Rx labs, global distribution centers, regional distribution centers, research sites in Germany and Australia plus around 100 regional and local delivery centers, ZEISS Vision Care is one of the world’s leading eyeglass lens manufacturers and a global player that operates on more than 60 markets around the world.

Every second, two people decide to purchase eyeglass lenses from ZEISS. In total, more than 200 million spectacle wearers put their faith in the quality of the ZEISS brand. Its success testifies to the company’s excellence: ZEISS Vision Care is one of the world’s three biggest eyeglass lens manufacturers.

A New Experience in Vision

For over one hundred years, ZEISS has addressed the challenge of providing its customers with an optimal visual experience. Our daily work is sharply focused on the wishes and needs of our customers because every eye is as individual as a fingerprint and because individual demands for better vision require individualized solutions. Innovations like ZEISS DriveSafe lenses, instruments and platforms such as the ZEISS i.Profiler plus, ZEISS i.Terminal, and apps like “My Vision Profile” have received multiple awards for their design, user-friendliness and technological excellence.

Award winning My Vision Profile from ZEISS connects to the consumer even before he enters an optical store and guides him to the next eye care professional.

But best vision also starts with excellent measurements and diagnostics. ZEISS offers instruments, devices and systems that keep up with the highest quality and precision standards. No matter if objective or subjective refraction, centration, screening or measuring lenses, managing customer visits and ordering – there is a tailored digital solution from ZEISS for the entire workflow. They are all digitally interconnected and ease the consultation process for the eye care professional.

The digital ZEISS ecosystem for the optical store enables the consumer to be provided with individually optimized eyeglass lenses and a unique and consistent customer journey.

Partnering with our customers

Dialog plays a central role at the company. Close contact with eye care professionals is an integral and key component of the ZEISS philosophy. After all, it is our customers who are in daily contact with eyeglass wearers. ZEISS aims to make customers more successful with the company’s various solutions.

Therefore, a dialog-based partnership is an important requirement to know exact customer requirements, to develop solutions that offer the wearer optimal vision and thus better quality of life. That is why ZEISS is focusing on brand partnerships with customers – they can engage with the ZEISS brand in-store, ranging from lens consultation to customer information. It’s important to note that ZEISS Vision Care is a true partner for its customers.

Unlike other global suppliers, ZEISS does not operate its own stores. All offers, products and innovations serve the sole purpose of making ZEISS customers successful: ophthalmic opticians, purchasing groups and optical chains. Stores that carry the ZEISS brand are operated by independent eye care professionals, dealers and purchasing groups.

With the concept of ZEISS Vision Centers, eye care professionals can use the power of the ZEISS brand to keep their independence. The stores are fully owned and operated by the eye care professional.

Superior Solutions with a Real Value Add

ZEISS strives to provide its customers, the eye care professionals, with superior solutions, enabling them to be successful in their business. Such a solution must have a real value-add for consumers, a benefit which is easy to understand and easy to sell. It needs to be based on state-of-the-art technology and science, in order to be the best possible solution to a challenge for your visual needs.

One example of this is ZEISS UVProtect, a technology integrated in all clear ZEISS plastic lenses, which addresses a real consumer need: full but effortless protection of the eye and the surrounding skin from harmful UV radiation up to 400 nanometers. This is sunglass-level protection and now available in all clear ZEISS lenses. This technology is based on the unique combination of ophthalmological and optical expertise, offering benefits for eye health and a superior visual experience at the same time.

With the concept of ZEISS Vision Centers, eye care professionals can use the power of the ZEISS brand to keep their independence. The stores are fully owned and operated by the eye care professional.

Combining research, innovative scientific approaches and real consumer needs, to find new solutions for better vision is deeply embedded in the ZEISS DNA.

ZEISS Middle East and Africa

Since 2012, ZEISS has operated a highly successful entity in Dubai, and has been consistently growing in the previous years to meet the increasing demand of end consumers seeking for branded, high quality and innovative ophthalmic products in the MEA region. ZEISS is represented by distributors in Middle East and Africa. If your practice or shop is located in the UAE, you can contact them directly: customerservice.uae@zeiss.com

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