ZEISS Maintains The Platinum Standard

Platinum Partner of VisionPlus EXPO Dubai 2023

Harnessing the power of innovation, ZEISS takes center stage as the Platinum Partner at VisionPlus EXPO – Dubai 2023, where global optical trends converge to redefine vision possibilities

Future-ready. Digitalization. Precision. These concepts are the foundations of ZEISS’ philosophy of work and life.

So it is only natural that ZEISS continues to shape the future of the Optical industry on the world stage, against the very appropriate theatre of VisionPlus EXPO. ZEISS is once again the Platinum Partner of this premium international optical show VisionPlus EXPO – Dubai 2023, slated for October 17 to 19 this year. Held at the world’s most attractive destination Dubai, this much-awaited international trade fair has quickly caught the imagination of the global optical industry. 

This year’s Expo promises to surpass expectations, with an expanded footprint exceeding 30% and participation from over 20 countries, all poised to present a rich tapestry of international eyewear brands, cutting-edge machinery, equipment, and optical technologies. The canvas spans Middle Eastern, African, and South Asian nations, firmly establishing this event as a beacon of industry convergence.

As a pioneering brand in vision care, ZEISS continues to delight the human imagination. This internationally leading technology enterprise operates in the eyecare & eyewear space, creating value for customers and inspiring the world to see and be seen, in new ways. 

The ZEISS brand has naturally been much acclaimed around the world and at VisionPlus EXPO in the past years for its excellence in Vision Care for Consumer Markets.

ZEISS makes a lasting impact in terms of superlative quality lenses. With this significant contribution as the Platinum Partner of the VisionPlus EXPO this year, ZEISS is Shaping the Future even better, as it always has been.

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