Adlens® Announced Strategic Partnership With Brazilian Eyewear Distributor

Adlens® announced their new partnership with Brazilian eyewear distributor OptiClass Artigos Opticos Ltd. 

The agreement was signed on October 2013 (effective as of November 1st, 2013), and will facilitate the sale of Adlens®’ Fluid-Injection line, The John Lennon™ Collection and its two Alvarez technology based lines, Emergensee™ and Adlens® Adjustables™, in Brazil.

“As the host nation for the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games the eyes of the world will be trained on Brazil over the coming years.” said Adlens® CEO and Executive Chairman Michael C. Ferrara. “With Adlens® on sale around the country we will be in a position to reach a rich variety of consumers and enhance our current profile in Latin America.”

Adlens Product Brazil
Adlens Product Brazil

Carlos Guilherme, founder of OptiClass, commented: “Adlens’® innovative variable focus eyewear is already proving popular in Latin America, and we are very excited to be introducing them to Brazil.”

The John Lennon™ Collection – endorsed by Yoko Ono – is the second generation of Adlens®’ variable focus eyeglasses based on Fluid-Injection technology and covers range of -4.5 to +3.5 dioptres. It was designed to provide a simple way of achieving instant prescription and immediate dispensing.

Emergensee™ and Adlens® Adjustables™ – are the first and second generation of variable focus glasses based on the Alvarez technology. They consist of two wave-shaped plates that glide across one another to change the power of each lens (-6D to +3D).

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