Airstream – The New Digital Platform For The Blackfin Sales Force

Blackfin presents Airstream, the new digital platform to support their sales force

Airstream, a new tool from Blackfin, has custom-made functions and unique graphics. This has been conceived in line with the company’s corporate image and is designed to be compatible with both the iPad and Android.

Screenshot_Airstream-lr-resizedBlackfin claims that this new tool designed for their sales agents and distributors, guarantees a faster and more efficient way of managing orders on a global scale wherever they may be, and also provides a better view of the products and services on offer to the customers.

Airstream’s intuitive and user-friendly sections contain complete information about the brand, a complete and detailed overview of Blackfin technology and services, and the models in the titanium collection, all of which are made in Italy.

This new app will therefore make it possible to link up in real time with the company IT system, simplifying the ordering process and providing a direct and even more flexible and efficient response to the customers’ needs.

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