Visually Appealing 2014 Blackfin Campaign

Blackfin reinforces its philosophy of ‘Looking beyond. Always’  with its latest communication campaign

Blackfin eye-wear
Blackfin eye-wear

Earth, dust, coal. A landscape with an alien feel, in which a towering post-industrial building in an apparently abandoned state creates the sensation of unknown, mysterious space. This is the setting for the new Blackfin communications campaign, this year once again the product of the talent and experience of Nicola de Pellegrini’s Anidride/Design Studio and photographer Giovanni De Sandre.

Against this strange new backdrop, the two leading characters, a man and a woman, are captured by the lens as they move around seemingly driven by an impulse that sends them on some perennial quest.

The brand philosophy, ‘Looking beyond. Always’, is encapsulated in an original setting capable of putting across the intrinsic values of Blackfin eyewear. The campaign, which was shot entirely in and around the Enel power station at Marghera, the historic plant overlooking the Venice lagoon, alternates between highly industrialised interiors and surreal outdoor surroundings, an environment of extremes that perfectly represents the vital energy of Blackfin.

Thus, the 2014 advertising campaign sends out a message of pure, unadulterated power in the form of an unstoppable woman with a proud demeanour and a penetrating gaze and a man driven by a deep sense of self-awareness, both spurred on by an indomitable will to explore an environment from which they are able to draw satisfaction and joy, in the knowledge that victory can only be achieved by looking beyond. Always.


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