Blackfin And Barberini Introduce AirGlass

Blackfin revolutionizes eyewear with the introduction of AirGlass: Titanium frames paired with Barberini pure mineral glass lenses. Weighing a mere 9 grams more than its plastic counterparts, AirGlass achieves the perfect balance between lightness and quality. Crafted with artisan mastery, the lenses eliminate distortion, offering a superior visual experience. 

Enhanced by Blackfin Ultra-HDR technology with rare-earth elements, they heighten colour perception and contrast while neutralizing glare. Scratch-resistant, oleophobic, and hydrophobic treatments ensure enduring clarity and protection from UV radiation. The innovative ultra-thin AirGlass lenses debut on Blackfin’s MAVERICKS in the Pacific series, exemplifying avant-garde design and cutting-edge technology.


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