Arcadio Introduces Multi Vision Solution

This time our SpotLight is on a new product that will allow customers to shift from prescription spectacles to polarised sunglasses, 3D glasses and night vision eyewear, within seconds

Arcadio is recognised as a leading provider of unisex spectacle frames. The latest addition to the product portfolio of this company is the ‘Multi Vision Solution’. This is a 4-in-1 package that includes an exclusively designed high-end titanium frame suitable for multi-vision provision. The frame is also suitable for both single vision and bifocal powers.

The Vision Options

Arcadio’s Multi Vision Solution package

The Multi Vision Solution package offered by Arcadio includes three different clip-ons. Users simply have to attach the required clip-on, each time they want to change. The process of attaching is easy and just takes a few seconds, as claimed by the company.

The 3 clip-ons added in this premium package are:
❖ Polarised clip-on to prevent the eyes from harmful light, ultraviolet radiation, etc.
❖ 3D clip-on to watch 3D movies, 3D television and to viewbooks/magazines with 3D contents.
❖ Night vision clip-on with object enhancement feature that makes it easy to see under low light conditions.

It is ideal for using while night driving and for sports activities as well. Arcadio’s focus has been on introducing innovative eyewear products that cater to every facet of life, be it enriching elegance at work, alluring magnetism for romance or vibrant depiction for play.

Addressing the need of the customers who are seeking a more convenient and easy-to-manage transition in their eyewear, Arcadio’s latest product is also an example of the company’s pursuit of innovation.


With the Multi Vision Solution, users can conveniently shift from the professional and formal look to a more casual and relaxed version, almost instantly.

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