Coco Song Direct Distribution In The UK And Republic Of Ireland By Area98

Area98 has recently launched direct distribution in the UK and Republic of Ireland for its Coco Song collection, the eyewear which blends the allure of oriental culture with the elegance of Italian style

Area98, having prominence in many international markets announced the direct distribution of its Coco Song collection as an initiative falling within the company’s development plan aimed at strengthening the brand’s direct presence on major eyewear markets.

“Coco Song has become an iconic brand with its own distinctive personality which sets it apart from any other eyewear brand”, states Elisio Tessaro, Area98 project and marketing manager, further adding, “Our strategy is directed at establishing dedicated and increasingly exclusive Coco Song distribution, thus enabling us to inform opticians of our product’s quality and promote its uniqueness. Through our direct presence we can now respond to clients faster and, at the same time, guarantee quick, efficient after-sales service.”

Coco Song frame

Coco Song frames will be distributed through five representatives in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. The company has advised opticians seeking help or queries on the same to contact their dedicated English-language customer care service at: – free phone: 0-808-120-7634.

Also, the La Matta, Genesis Easy and Oliviero Contini collections produced by Area98 will continue to be distributed in the UK and Ireland by PURE EYEWEAR LTD. Furthermore, in 2016, Area98 will begin direct distribution of the Robert Rüdger brand, which entered its portfolio this year.


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