Are 3D Movies Four-Eyes Friendly?

Thanks to high profile blockbusters such as Avatar and Gravity, watching films in 3D has become a regular part of our movie going experience—and for good reason, as 3D adds depth and excitement that is unparalleled by traditional filming. 

Unfortunately, the 3D experience can also add something else–headaches, both literal and figurative. For many people who wear eyeglasses, trying to fit 3D glasses over their eyewear can be frustrating, uncomfortable and impractical. So can 3D movies be four-eyes friendly? Take a look at some of these 3D alternatives to find out how, with the right planning, the answer is yes.


IMAX theaters are known for their enormous screens and immersive viewing experiences, but the screen isn’t the only thing bigger at some IMAX theaters…the glasses are too. Thanks to the fact that many IMAX theaters use different 3D technology than regular theaters in order to accommodate their concave screens, they also use different glasses. And true to the IMAX experience, these glasses are big enough to cover your entire field of vision, meaning that (for most people) they are also big enough to comfortably cover your glasses as well. Some IMAX theaters do use traditional 3D with smaller glasses, so you’ll want to contact your local IMAX theaters to see whether they use the larger glasses or not. For many people who wear glasses, bigger truly is better.

Prescription 3D Glasses

Forget about those cheap plastic glasses the theater provides you. For hardcore movie buffs who wear glasses, there’s only one way to go: your own prescription 3D glasses. Sounds crazy? Well, with 3D technology becoming a larger part of the movie going experience, some industrious companies such as Optics 3D have indeed begun offering prescription 3D glasses to cater to serious cinephiles.

Clip-On Lenses

It seems like a no-brainer: If they can make 3D glasses for every moviegoer, why can’t they make clip-on lenses for film fans who already wear glasses? The good news is that they can and they have, with companies such as Look3D manufacturing and selling clip-on lenses. Best of all, some smart cinemas have begun giving viewers the option of choosing clip-on at the theater as well. So if your usual theater isn’t progressive enough to cater to your viewing needs, try looking around for another cinema. You may be surprised by what you see.

Home Entertainment

3D televisions have been around for a while now, but they’ve never really caught on, in part because many people don’t want to wear cumbersome 3D glasses at home. But that’s about to change, because earlier this year, both Vizio and HP revealed prototypes for new 3D TVs that don’t require 3D glasses at all. Soon you may be able to watch any 3D movie you want in the comfort of your own home – and in the comfort of your own glasses.

Courtesy: Essilor USA

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