AyeSpy Leather And Wood Launches Crowdfund Campaign For Innovative Eyewear

Two young Scottish designers asking customers to pitch in for new line of handcrafted leather and wood eyewear.


Two young Scottish designers are challenging people through a crowdsourcing campaign to “make a spectacle of yourself” with high-quality hand-crafted sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses. AyeSpy seeks to fulfill its goal of raising £10,000 by November 25th to further promote its unique and innovative line of products.

9430982a84f2e754_orgAyeSpy Leather and Wood is the result of 15 months of work on the part of Lucy Ross and Jamie Bartlett, who founded AyeSpy to develop and market eyewear constructed of natural materials and finished with adjustable leather earpieces for extra comfort and fit. Every AyeSpy product is a unique creation made in the company’s workshop in Kilsyth, with no two AyeSpy items being the same.

“When people buy a pair of distinctive sunglasses or spectacles from AyeSpy they know that they have purchased something that is as unique as the natural products they are made from,” said Lucy Ross. AyeSpy’s line of products are cut, shaped, sanded, and finished in wood such as Wenge, Walnut, Mahogany and Cherry. Ross and Bartlett take great pride in the variety of classic and contemporary styles offered by AyeSpy. Drawing from their countrymen’s heritage, AyeSpy products carry the names of famous Scottish inventors including Baird, Dunlop, and Fleming.

b586fd0980dade4d_800x800arCurrently AyeSpy products are available through its website, but Ross and Bartlett have a keen eye toward making AyeSpy a respected brand sold at retail stores across the United Kingdom.

In promotion of its product and to further the company’s remarkable approach to custom eyewear, AyeSpy has launched a crowdfunding campaign through the website Indiegogo. The campaign, found at the website Indiegogo, has set a goal of raising £10,000 in 30 days. AyeSpy’s ultimate goal is to raise £20,000. All money raised will be used to benefit the company. AyeSpy is enticing contributors with a set of “perks”, beginning with a minimum contribution of £5. Perks range from the “Keith and Ted Keyring” made of wood and leather, to premium Baird, Dunlop and Paterson wood and leather sunglasses and frames at the £99 level.

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