Rodenstock Launches Broad Coverage Campaign For Computer Spectacles

Rodenstock is starting an extensive international end-consumer campaign for the launch of the expanded Ergo® portfolio.

lowres-Ergo_PC2_R2319Rodenstock has recognised the great potential demand for computer spectacles and wants to do some awareness training in the population and thereby support the sales efforts of the opticians. The heart of the large-scale computer spectacles campaign is a new Rodenstock online presence called, which will start punctually in five countries on World Sight Day on October 10th.

In order to raise awareness for the topic of computer spectacles and generate the highest numbers of visitors for the website and hence also for the shops, Rodenstock is putting an extensive media campaign into the digital media. Online banners and the company’s own social media channels will pick up spectacles wearers exactly where problems seeing arise and where computer spectacles can help. Advertising material packages for the POS and new consulting tools, for the iPad as well, complete the campaign.

Interested opticians can find out more from their sales representatives.

New Website for World Sight Day

Starting on October 10th, end consumers will find a website at with vivid information dealing with the topic of computer spectacles with Ergo® near comfort lenses. These lenses ensure relaxed posture when sitting due to the extra-large field of vision. This means that tension in the neck and headaches will be a thing of the past.

Visitors will benefit from super promotions up until December 16th, and will also have chances to win valuable prizes such as five each of the MacBook Air or Kindle Paperwhite, for example. The highlight of the promotion site are coupons valued at 20 euro each, which can be redeemed for Rodenstock computer spectacles up to 16 December 2013. Interested parties can find nearby participating opticians by using the search function.

Need for Awareness Training in the Population

lowres-Ergo_kindle_R2282Smartphones, tablets, E-Readers, laptops and PCs have become an integral part of our everyday lives and working lives. In the meantime, a good 891 percent of German spectacles wearers between the age of 45 and 59 work daily with various displays – and the trend is increasing. Exactly that often turns out to be a stress test, especially for spectacles wearers who frequently come home in the evening with burning eyes and stiff necks. Many of those who are affected are not aware that these complaints come from wearing the wrong spectacles. Rodenstock wants to get involved and provide clarification here, because in fact only 8.7percent use special spectacles for their work at the display.

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