Innovative Combination Styles Enhance The Evo-Tec Collection From Ogi Eyewear

Announcing the next big step in eyewear innovation from Ogi Eyewear, with the addition of seven new styles to introduce a new dimension of the Evo-Tec Collection.

This new combination construction enables each person to achieve the visually striking appeal of boldly coloured acetate with the lightweight durability of a metal frame. Featuring a combination of the highest quality surgical plastic and stainless steel. A solid colour interior peeks through the multi-faceted tortoise or solid black fronts to provide a subtle dash of bright colour, demonstrating Ogi’s exclusive colouring process. Complexion flattering hues provide added wearabilty while effortlessly expressing each individual’s own sense of personality and style. Stainless steel temples in coordinating metallic hues anchor the innovative combination construction to present each style with unparalleled versatility, solidifying Ogi Eyewear’s position on the forefront of high fashion eyewear.

Key Styles:


Sharp, sophisticated and smart, the Ogi collection is proud to introduce the 4809, alowres-Ogi_4815_blue lightweight yet durable frame made with a new combination construction. This rectangular style features a deep, swooped brow, which is accented by a smooth, matte finish. Joined with thin, brushed steel temples in coordinating colours, the 4809 is comfortable and light as it exudes distinctive style with a valiant personality.


Announcing the newest addition to the Ogi collection, the 4810, a new age frame made of ultra lightweight mixed materials. This classic rectangular style gets a modern twist with its matte texture and blotted pattern. Paired with coordinating brushed steel temples, this frame is then tipped in black earpieces for the final touch. With an angular modern rectangular frame adjoined with a curved bridge, this style is comfortable, durable, and one of a kind.


Innovative materials collide with feminine allure and vivid colour to present the curvaceous silhouette of the 4811. Pops of brilliant colour shine through the hand-coloured façade to accent the stainless steel temples in coordinating colours. Sleek lines and dynamic curves update the classic rectangular shape to present a versatile style infused with personality.


Modern, matte and smooth, the 4182 is the latest in technology with a classic versatile oval shape. From Ogi Eyewear’s Evo-tec collection, this new age frame is hand crafted from mixed materials that give it the best of both worlds in durability and a lightweight feel. The 4182’s matte texture and blotted pattern in jewel-toned hues pairs well with coordinating brushed steel temples, closed off in black earpieces for the ultimate match of style and comfort.


Ogi Eyewear introduces the 4815, a light, new-age style made of an all new combination construction. This futuristic, rectangular frame features a straight horizontal brow covered in a hand-painted camouflage pattern, complemented with a glimpse of colour. The raw matte finish is juxtaposed against the bold coloured temples tipped in black, this frame makes a unique statement while being comfortable and lightweight. This flat brow style comes in an array of bold colour combinations such as matte black/crystal/matte silver, grey demi/desert clay, green demi/grey fern green, and blue demi/matte silver.

Philosophy:  “Visually striking meets casual sophistication with the addition of this new dimension combination designs, creating a look that is sure to stand out from the crowd with the bold, yet wearable appeal of each style.  The revolutionary lightweight material of this collection blends with a vibrant colour palette to allow each individual to express their personality and style without words.  High contrast style with lightweight durability offer a sleek, sophisticated look with a striking edge.”Karly Anderson, Marketing and Design

Marketing: Ogi Eyewear counter cards, logo blocks, large window banners, and branded counter cubes are available.

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