Changing The Eye-Wear Scene With HDA® Technology By OKIA

HDA® (High Definition Acetate) Technology is a technique patented by OKIA used to realise patterns on acetate sheets for high-end design innovation 

HDA logo
HDA logo

OKIA’s all new HDA® (High Definition Acetate) technology allows transformation of textures and colours into crisp high definition which enhances colour, gradient and texture depth within one frame. This opens a world of possibilities for eye-wear design.

Vivid and life-like patterns can easily be inscribed on to the acetate base through HDA® Technology’s normal and basic application. On the other hand, a number of particular and more specific outcomes can be achieved with the use of certain HDA® techniques such as BMT, which creates a strong metallic touch and allows ultra-sharp cutting for any pattern.

OKIA first launched HDA® Technology at Mido 2010. Since then, patents for its revolutionary technology have been granted worldwide including countries Hong Kong, China, Italy, Japan, Australia and USA. OKIA has also applied patent protection for HDA® Technology in different countries and regions (i.e. Korea and EP) which are expected to be granted soon. These worldwide patents and trademarks together with a number of international awards, represent a significant recognition of OKIA’s ongoing commitment and outstanding contribution to innovation and creativity in the eye-wear industry.

OKIA’s HDA® Technology as claimed by the brand is extremely stable and reliable, assuring excellent results in terms of quality, production cost and time reduction thanks to its low defect rate. Despite a number of infringements, OKIA is the original and sole official provider of HDA® Technology and products, which differ from any other similar technology or product currently available in the eye-wear market.



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