Coburn Technologies Introduces Cobalt Compact Free-Form Generator

The new model of its latest lens generator is ideally suited for small and mid-sized laboratories to produce digital and traditional RX lenses

CobaltLTE_5x5Coburn’s latest free-form generator, the Cobalt Compact Free-Form Generator delivers wet cut quality results without the need for a water management system, and only requires approximately 20 sq/ft of lab space – inclusive of all ancillary equipment. The generator features Coburn’s proven mist-cut generating technology as well as air bearing, voice coil, and direct drive technology to increase cutting accuracy and lens through-put.

Unlike the Coburn’s previous compact generators, the new model is equally compact, and will work with the Cobalt DP polisher, other qualified soft-tool polishers, and Coburn’s LaunchPad polishing technology, which allows operators to polish free-form lenses on a conventional cylinder machine.

Key features of the new generator include :

  • Processes traditional and digital free-form lenses.
  • ‘Cold-Mist’ system which provides wet-cut generating comparable results with superior surface finish without the need for a water management system.
  • Smaller footprint, requiring only approximately 20 sq/ft of lab space including its external vacuum.
  • Direct drive spindle for improved control.
  • Coburn’s patented and globally licensed single-point diamond turning lathe technology.
  • Precision air bearings and voice coil actuation for increased cutting accuracy.
  • Expandable product platform from conventional processing only (CobaltLT) upgradable to free-form (CobaltLTE) for a lower cost solution that grows with the customers’ business.
  • Engineered and manufactured in the USA.

Alex Incera – President of Coburn Technologies stated, “We are very excited to announce that we have successfully adapted our popular mist-cut technology from our larger industrial Cobalt system into a platform that ideal for small to medium-sized labs looking to be able to offer digital free-form designs in-house. Now these smaller labs can benefit from the same high quality surface finish while utilizing the same space currently available in their location.”

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