Colors and details inspired by North American Aboriginal Tradition in the new Matta and Kaos Collection

March 2013 – The culture of Native American tribes takes shape in the new Kaos and La Matta collections manufactured by Area98. The designs, colors and patterns characterizing the fabrics and decorations of these ancient peoples have inspired the creation of the new models introduced at Mido.

PAN-LAmatta-2013Solar hues, full of energy, transform Kaos frames into colorful palettes thanks to Native American-inspired geometrical shapes recreated through decorations in metal and colored resin applied on the arms.The multi-layer acetates, produced exclusively for this collection, are machined in bas-relief to highlight details with high contrast shades, or superimposed to create high-relief effects to create a dynamic feeling to the arms.

The sculpted and modern shapes of the Kaos eyewear collection, with their strong profiles, are highlighted by bright colors, a distinctive mark of this brand that boasts a young and irreverent soul.

This craftsmanship technique finds its greatest expression in the KKV307 model, a frame with the arms and front completely inlaid for a totally original and kaleidoscopic effect.

The Native American inspiration is shared also in La Matta collection, where color is interpreted through animalier prints with unusual and unique hues, such as spotted blue or fuchsia stripes combined with decorations in metal and acetate embellishing the frame.


The models, designed for women who want to express exuberant yet refined elegance are characterized by large and rounded shapes, reminders of the fashion of the past, but revisited through a modern and contemporary style.

The La Matta collection also marks the return of metal, as always present in unique and remarkable hues, discreetly introduced on the front and integrated with the arms in acetate.

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