HOYA Launches SYNC Lenses in Phoenix® Material

ECPs Can Now Help Children Combat Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) as HOYA Launches SYNC Lenses in Phoenix® Material

HoyaLewisville, Texas (February 19, 2013): The smart phone and tablet revolutions are in full swing and Americans are consuming most of our media at just arm’s length. Neilson tells us we are spending more and more time in front of screens than ever before. What is the impact on our vision and our overall health? An increase in headaches, eye strain, overall body fatigue and blurred vision when shifting from near to distance viewing. HOYA has re-launched SYNC in Phoenix® so ECPs can help their patients combat the symptoms brought on by Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and Digital Eye Strain (DES).

“SYNC is part of a new category of lenses we have branded as ‘New Media Optics’,” stated Barney Dougher, President of HOYA Vision Care, NA, he continued, “As a technology company we are carefully watching how people use technology in their everyday lives. The impact of back-lit digital devices on your vision has several adverse affects. Visit your independent eye care professional, they can take the time to properly diagnose CVS and prescribe SYNC.” HOYA’s new SYNC lens is a great single vision alternative for the younger patients, including children and pre-presbyopes. This lens utilizes a front surface radial aspheric design with a back surface vertical aspheric component, allowing the user the added relaxation to help sustain prolonged amounts of near work.

Dr. Thomas Gosling, an early adaptor of SYNC, said “The eye has muscles that tense up as they try to focus on back-lit screens hour after hour. When those muscles lock up they cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. The added power in SYNC provides the accommodative relief patients need to improve blink rate and overall focus. Many people think they are becoming more near sighted and need glasses for distance or increased add power. That’s often not the case. The muscles are strained and not able to shift to distance. SYNC has solved this issue for many of my patients.” Dr. Gosling noted that several of his younger patients receive SYNC with no other prescription. Availability in Phoenix material makes SYNC a safe and durable choice for children as well.

As our youth progress further with the use of tablets scholastically, SYNC lenses will become more useful to relax this near demand. By using these lenses as a first response to patients under forty years of age who works at near more than half their day, would only be benefited by the reduced fatigue. This relaxation at near can actually bring added energy to the body in whole. “SYNC is only available at independent practices,” reiterated Dougher, “HOYA strongly believes patients will get You created this PDF from an application that is not licensed to print to novaPDF printer (http://www.novapdf.com) the best care and best technological options for the benefits of the eye sight from their local independent eye care provider.”

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