Celebrity chef, Robert Irvine, talks about Transitions lens at International Vision Expo East 2013 in NYC


transitionsCelebrity chef and host of Food Network’s “Restaurant Impossible,” Robert Irvine, participated in International Vision Expo East 2013 in NYC. He said, “Transitions lens and I have partnered together to literally tell the world what it is like to wear Transitions lens.” When asked whether being a partner of Vision Expo East is actually helping with the branding, Robert said, “Absolutely! We got doctors, and optometrists and all these people here. Some people are afraid to say that they are afriad to try Transitions. Listen, get it out there. Let the people understand that there are lot of choices and that Transitions has a lens for every lifestyle.”

Former baseball player Cal Ripken Jr. made an appearance at the Transitions Optical Booth to share his experience about the importance of eye care.

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