Essilor Experts to Drive Patient Traffic to Independents

‘Essilor Experts’ Could Generate A 7x Increase In Exams Resulting In A 5x Increase In Lens Revenue

Essilor Of America has launched a new media campaign aimed to drive patient traffic to Eye Care Professionals (ECPs). Through this campaign, an attempt is made for a connection between key visual challenges that consumers face, technologies that address these challenges and the experts practices where patients can get this technology to have their best possible vision.

With the launch of its new media campaign aimed to drive patient traffic to ECPs, Essilor of America, brings experts top of mind for consumers while inspiring them to consider their vision needs and enabling them to book an appointment with their local doctor.

Consumers are introduced to Essilor experts in a commercial airing nationwide across TV providers, Hulu, YouTube, and more, including during highly anticipated televised events, such as the Dallas Mavericks season opener and new episodes of America’s Got Talent. Digital marketing techniques ensure consumers also see digital ads which reinforce an “act now” mindset and provide ready-to-purchase consumers a convenient appointment booking button to connect them with their local Essilor Expert.

“Our media campaign is designed to do two things: find high potential consumers and give them a reason to visit their local Essilor Expert,” says Sherianne James, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of customer engagement at Essilor. “Our messaging meets consumers wherever they get their media – whether that’s TV, social media, streaming platforms, or all of the above – all the while encouraging them and giving them an effortless way to book an appointment with their Expert.”

Primed to purchase, consumers are guided to a frictionless online appointment booking experience through Smartbook, a best-in-class patient communication and marketing program.

‘Essilor Experts’– Essilor’s flagship partnership program, is a proven platform – helping enrolled ECPs generate a 7x increase in exams* resulting in a 5x increase in lens revenue. Smartbook technology has helped practices decrease no-shows by 33%, which can equate to an additional 100 exams per year for a typical Essilor Experts practice. The Essilor Experts program boasts impressive benefits including a proprietary lens analytics dashboard, extensive training, prioritized positioning across locators, recently announced enhancements through Essilor Preferred Rewards, exclusive SmartBook technology, and now patient traffic driven by television featuring Essilor Experts and bolstered by digital advertising.


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