Essilor Group-‘New Normal’ through Digital Technologies

Essilor Group-‘New Normal’ through Digital Technologies

As a consequence of a global pandemic, technology proves to be a critical lifeline in addressing numerous communication and operational issues. Companies like the EssilorGroup are adopting Digital Technologies to be able to adapt to abrupt and radical changes, in their supply chains, in their interactions with customers and in how their employees work with digital-first approaches.

Essilor has been leveraging new digital technologies in order to connect with nearly 600,000 people, including customers and employees in over 45 countries via webinars, virtual summits, online training to adapt to the ‘new normal.’

Essilor has a proven track record of responding swiftly to changing business environments by leveraging technologies to drive efficiency and productivity within the Group. This has once again been demonstrated during the pandemic, with employees playing a leading role in adapting to the new global context.

With the pandemic serving as a catalyst, the last few months have driven 1000 of employees to step-up their digital skills while working from home. Between mid-March and end-July, approximately 140 digital events were organised across Essilor with nearly 600, 000 participants – including employees as well as Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) and customers.

ECP Engagement – A total of 107,653 ECP webinar engagements were registered across AMERA (Asia, Oceania, Middle East and Africa) in April and May.  From April 2020, the Transitions team across the globe conducting regular webinars for ECPs and partners to get them up to speed on Transitions Signature Gen 8, light sensitivity, photochromic technology as well as best practices and opportunities in this new global context. In Latin America, two ‘LIVE’ TV training programs were organised to present the Group’s plans for the second half of the year with the 116, 000 ECPs in attendance in Brazil and 60, 000 viewers from the region.

Essilor’s Brand and Marketing Momentum – The Group’s Global Marketing Team held its first Global Digital Brand Summit in July. Based on the theme “We are all 4 Vision Care”, the summit brought together 600 businesses, digital and market leaders and featured presentations from R&D, Essilor’s brands such as Transitions, Nikon, Kodak Lens, Xperio as well as round-table discussions on topics such as consumer experience and digitisation.

Eye care awareness event for consumers in China – In order to raise awareness on eye care, drive multi-channel exposure and reinforce Essilor’s industry leadership position in China, a live-streaming event was organised with close to 360, 000 consumers in attendance.

While digital communication should not replace face-to-face communication completely, it offers a smooth scalable and efficient solutions for companies to interact with their employees, consumers and key stakeholders.


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