Essilor Launches Essipal

Essilor launches Essipal – a new product innovation in the Progressive Addition Lens (PAL) segment.

For a long time, Independent Eye Care Professionals (iECPs) have focussed on the presbyopic segment and the Progressive Addition Lens (PAL) segment. Though the market has been getting more aggressive and deal-oriented with consumers being offered non-branded, low-priced progressive addition lens. This results in low adaptability, putting customer satisfaction from the product experience at risk. Now, Progressive addition lens are within the reach of mid-range consumers which finally provides an opportunity to bring progressive lenses into the mainstream.

In order to reinvigorate the promising PAL category, Essilor has launched a new product innovation – Essipal Essilor HMC. Essipal lenses are the most widely dispensed progressive lenses in India that allows presbyopes to see all distances clearly, in an affordable range.

Essipal High Performance
Essipal High Performance

Essipal lenses are designed to offer a perfect solution to the current needs of today’s presbyopic generation, i.e. optimised clarity, sharp & precise vision and faster adaptation compared to standard progressive lenses, and now, further enhanced with a mid-tier Essilor HMC coating which offers best in class anti-reflection properties.






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