Essilor Ups The Game In EIVOC Exhibition!

Launching the home ground’s latest innovation Digital Optometry, at the EIVOC exhibition recently, Essilor seems to be bringing digital revolution in the world of eyecare

Essilor Team

International Vision Science and Optometry Conference 2015 saw a varied compilation of brands and their spectacular offerings with well knit presentations. Among these was the Essilor Instruments division that launched its Digital Optometry products at the exhibition, held in Mahabalipuram. The transition of fast paced digital over every sector does not leave behind the Optometry and eyecare industry. And with Essilor’s Digital Optometry products launch, the level surely went up a notch!

At the event, Mr Eric Girbal – Instruments – European Instruments Sales Director gave the inauguratory speech on “Embracing the Digital world through ophthalmic instruments”. Digital is the mantra in one’s lives and this launch purposed to embrace Essilor’s digital revolution. With the goal that meant towards the betterment of eyecare industry at large, the launch gave away an impetus to provide ECPs with precise and high quality equipments that will meet their business needs and will help them build a trustful relationship with their patients.


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