Exalt Cycle Rides Into MotoGP With Team JiR

Exalt Cycle, the Swiss brand with Italian roots announced its association for the second consecutive year with Team JiR at MotoGP

Exalt-cycleWith their partnership with Team JiR, the eye-wear company aims to establish itself as a premium quality sunglasses supplier in the world of races, showcasing the new generation sporty sunglasses in the World Championship MotoGP races.

For the occasion, Exalt Cycle announced the launch of the new model called ‘JiR Limited Edition’, a sporty model with polarizing mirrored lenses, that has been created to provide a perfect synthesis between the philosophies of the two brands.


With this, Exalt Cycle aims to leave a mark among the team’s sponsors both on the motorbike – a renewed TSR motorized Honda, and on the new 22-year old Japanese rider Tetsuta Nagashima, who particularly appreciates Exalt Cycle’s eye-wear, with which he’s often photographed.

This move is aimed at combining Jir’s sporty philosophy with Exalt Cycle’s design and aesthetics, which are founded on the strong efficient combination of design, comfort and technology.

“Encouraged by the several patents obtained, we’ve already activated a series of commercial and marketing actions aimed at exploiting all the possibilities offered by the partnership with JiR in the MotoGP 2014 World Championship together with our rider Tetsuta Nagashima,” shares Andrea Trevisol – CEO of Exalt Cycle SA.

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