La Matta Eye-wear : For Women Of Style

La Matta, the all-feminine brand from Area98, brings a wave of colour and charm with the new models added to its 2014 collection

LMV 3134 col 01

Their continual focus on designing with animal prints is an effort to instil personality in the frames, adding shades such as green, purple or red to the classic colours of animal fur.

The detailing in the decorative features along the temple add a hint of luxury to every model. The frame fronts play on the contrast of the two-tone acetates while the temples reveal precious details.

LMV 3138 col 01

The smooth and intriguing leopard print in one model is enhanced by the dazzling white, while shining pieces of acetate decorate the temples.

In another, the tobacco colour creates the base on which Swarovski gems are embellished, which are then framed using metal flares.

With its vibrant colours and contrasting combinations, the La Matta frames are aimed at the stylish woman, who is sweet, sensual and witty at once.

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