Marchon Italia Announces Retirement Of Giancarla Agnoli

Ms. Agnoli retired from the position of the Managing Director of the Company, but has accepted to serve as Honorary President

Ms. Giancarla Agnoli
Ms. Giancarla Agnoli

Marchon Italia announced that Ms. Giancarla Agnoli has retired from the office of Managing Director of the Company. Under the leadership of Ms. Agnoli, the Company had an extraordinary growth and expansion.

Mr. Claudio Gottardi, Chairman of Marchon Italia, states, “I wish to thank Ms. Agnoli personally and on behalf of the Board of Directors for the significant work she carried out over the years, for the total dedication shown while leading Marchon Italia, for her high professionalism, the extraordinary passion and the uncommon skills she has daily displayed. I personally asked Ms. Agnoli, even on behalf of the parent company and its Chairman, to continue to collaborate with us and to accept the position of Honorary President.”

Giancarla Agnoli states, “I wish to thank the management and the entire organisation for the continuous support given over the years and I am honoured to accept the position that has been offered to me.”


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