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Nova Eyewear Launches A Safety Range Kit To Battle Covid-19

The current Corona Virus pandemic calls for greater protection and safety for our eyes. With all major health bodies issue directives that besides nose and mouse, eyes too could be a gateway for transmission of the Covid-19 virus, eye-protection becomes a necessity.

With its years of expertise in vision solutions and protection, Nova Eyewear, the global brand from the house of Vision Rx Lab, has stepped forward to cater to the pressing need of optimum eye protection and safety as the world enters the phase of unlocking. It has introduced a diverse range of safety eyewear under Nova Safety range, manufactured with cutting-edge technology and best of lens materials to help shield the eyes not only from the hazardous environment but also from biological hazards such as infections caused due to Covid-19, whether indoors or outdoors.

Till recently eyewear was usually considered as an essential for vision correction and protection from harmful UV rays and blue-lights. But with the onset of COVID- 19 pandemic, various health advisories has highlighted the need to protect the eyes whilst maintaining basic hygiene and avoiding touching one’s face and eyes for protection. Experts from the eyewear industry have proposed the use of safety goggles with the minimum required coverage as appropriate protection for the eyes.

As per industry safety standards, Nova Safety range of eyewear comes with unique protective design in fluid repellent material to provide perfect coverage for the eyes. Additionally, the anti-fog coating keeps lenses fog-free even when wearing masks, providing wearers clear vision and optimum protection from any infections or harmful agents. One of the key challenges faced by those wearing masks with glasses is fogging of glasses which pose considerable risk to the wearers. The advanced coating HC AF (Hard Coat Anti Fog lenses) applied on both sides of lenses in Nova Safety range gives wearer fog-free comfortable vision, as it resists fog/fine particles and chemicals from accumulating on lens surfaces and with water sheeting properties it ensures best quality and performance for the indoor or outdoor environment.

Further keeping the diverse needs and preference of the consumers, the brand’s safeguard range comes in two categories, Nova Safety Premium Goggles for industrial purpose and stylish Nova Safeguard glasses along with fashionable face masks for day to day activities.

Blending the best in frame technology with lens technology, Nova Safety Premium Goggles effectively takes care of eye protection and visual clarity. The frames come in TR90 material, a Swiss technology thermoplastic material known for high resilience, flexibility and feather-light comfort, which makes it suitable for industrial work. Powered with advanced lens technology in a wide range of prescriptions coupled with high resistance lens material and extra coverage, makes Nova Safety an ideal choice for ensuring safety for the eyes from hazardous work environment as well as infections. Available in different frame designs and shapes, this BSI certified safety range has been designed for various industrial purposes such as Iron & Steel/Ingot Manufacturing Industry, Gas Processing/Pharmaceutical Industry, Gas Processing/Pharmaceutical, and General Surgery/Laser Equipments etc.

For those who prefer style combined with safety for regular activities, Nova offers the Nova Safeguard range which comes in a more sleek design with UV protection, while embodying all unique features of its safety range such as anti-fog coating, high impact resistant lenses, perfectly covered design and fluid repellent material, making it an effective barrier to germs for optimum eye protection, being available in both indoor and outdoor designs. Also for complete face protection, Nova Safeguard is clubbed together with Nova Face Masks which have 5 layer purification system for protection and is carefully designed for all weather conditions keeping breathability and comfort in mind, allowing wearers to step out with proper face safety in style.

A wide range of Nova Safety eyewear at every price point is available at all leading optical stores in India and other countries.


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