ProDesigns biodegradable frame wins 1st prize – FRAME OF THE YEAR!

The biodegradable frame 7624c5031 just won the prestigious  1st prize at Optrafair, UK the 13th-15th of April 2013. The 7624c5031 is FRAME OF THE YEAR in category ‘Men’s eyewear’.

ProDesign_032013_B76705The chairman at the Optrafair committee; Malcolm Polley elaborates why the ProDesign frame was selected as winner: “The 7624c5031 won because of the choice of materiel and the overall design, The whole visual effect was just that much different from all the other designs”.

The frames were inspired by the desire to create a high fashion, stylish and intelligent look, designed for the urban, environmentally conscious female and male. The “natural look” is the inspiration behind the design, a trend that contains artsy, heavy retro shapes with depth and weight, but in a highly clean and classic way. Very bold frames, re-designed from those great shapes of the past, almost like a cigar box in heavy wood.

The exclusive biodegradable acetate material is made from 80% cotton and is a 100% eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable. All excess material from the frame production is recycled from other industries.

The process of making this is very gentle and supports sustainability. They resemble the beauty and depth of a real wood material with the grain details of the wood made visible by brushing the surface of the material.

The material is a Cellulose Acetate – the most widely spread organic compound in nature made from substances from renewable sources and is 100 % phthalate-free

All combo-frames are made with titanium bottom to keep the non-allergic standard of the acetate frames.

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