WILEY X®, INC. sponsoring "Top-Shot" champion Dustin Ellermann

Texas native amazes and inspires the nation with his marksmanship and character, making him an ideal match for Wiley X Premium Protective Eyewear

Wiley-EyewearPremium performance eyewear innovator Wiley X, Inc. has announced a sponsorship agreement with Dustin Ellermann, a Texas-born competitive shooter who has captured the imagination of people across the country – and not just with his superior marksmanship.

Ellermann’s recent accomplishments include taking the Grand Prize on the History Channel’s top-rated program “Top Shot”, where leading competitive shooters from around the world showcase their skills in a series of extreme marksmanship challenges.  His performance on the show – particularly impressive given that he is largely self-taught – captured the attention of fellow competitors, viewers, and even traditional media outlets nationwide.  “Dustin may be the best shooter we’ve ever had,” is how “Top Shot” host Colby Donaldson summed up Ellermann’s run through the show’s third season.  It was a sentiment echoed by many of the viewers of the show, who quickly became fans of Dustin’s and expressed their admiration for him throughout the season.

Those who interact with Ellermann come away just as impressed with the 28-year-old’s character.  In addition to competing on the national stage, Ellermann is Director of Camp His Way, a summer Christian kids camp and year-around retreat facility.  Combining his love for working with youth and passion for shooting, Ellermann will host several weekend Youth Marksmanship Camps at the facility.  These events in the fall will focus on safety, marksmanship skills and becoming men and women of character – along with having plenty of fun.  Ellermann is also actively involved in speaking at churches, men’s groups and youth events to share his faith, zest for life and inspirational story.   A true family man, Ellermann and his wife have three children and serve as foster parents, as well.

“Dustin isn’t just a winner, he’s a person of character and a great role model for America’s young men and women,” said Wiley X Co-Owner Myles Freeman, Jr.  “His is an inspiring story, having no formal training – and through hard work and dedication – competing with and beating some of the best trained shooters in the world.  When you combine this accomplishment with his work to positively influence the lives of youngsters through his camps, it’s no surprise that Wiley X is proud to be associated with Dustin and to support his efforts,” added Freeman.

Wiley X is a leading manufacturer of protective eyewear products for shooting sports, hunting and tactical/military use.  Wiley X is the only premium sunglass brand with the ANSI Z87.1 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety rating on every pair of glasses it makes.  In addition, certain Wiley X shooting models – including its popular Changeable Series models with interchangeable lenses also meet the updated MIL-PRF-32432 (GL) MCEP Standard (superseding the GL-PD 10-12 MCEP Standard) for combat protective eyewear.  Even though they may never compete on television to be America’s “Top Shot,” every shooting and hunting enthusiast can benefit from the same advanced vision protection as Dustin Ellermann.

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