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Rodenstock dedicates itself to the nicest of all accessories, i.e. spectacles, in the summer series entitled “EVERY FACE TELLS A STORY”

Rodenstock_Social-Media-Style-Consultation_2013_1Munich, May 2013: In the coming six weeks, Rodenstock is dedicating itself in the social media series entitled “EVERY FACE TELLS A STORY” to the burning question of which spectacles actually go with which face shape. Fans of the Rodenstock social media channels will be accompanied along the way to perfect sunglasses with professional style consultation. In close cooperation with style and spectacles expert Elisabeth Motsch and Rodenstock product manager Stefan Kutschereuter, the spectacles manufacturer will be presenting classics and highlight models from the current sunglasses collection each week in the Rodenstock blog ( The campaign will also be featured on the Rodenstock Facebook Page ( and on Rodenstock’s Twitter Account (

Which spectacles suit which face? 

Rodenstock_Social-Media-Style-Consultation_2013_2When it comes to accessories, sunglasses are an absolute must-have, especially in summer. However, many have a difficult time finding the right sunglasses for their face shapes, considering all the shapes, colours and models.

Since faces are as individual and unique as the people themselves, all spectacles do not suit all faces. In order to set the scene for the merits of your own type with the right spectacles shape, your own face shape will be analysed right at the beginning. It is more oval, round, rectangular, triangular or trapezoidal? When the basic type has been determined, choosing spectacles is much easier. The blog will be dedicated to the different face shapes week by week.

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