R+H Forays Into UAE With Vision Rx Lab

Rupp+Hubrach (R+H), one of Germany’s top 5 major optical lens manufacturer, has introduced its innovative range of lens products in the UAE in association with Vision Rx Lab, one of the leading provider of innovation eye-care solutions in the world

Established in the year 1922, and now a subsidiary of Essilor since April 2003, R+H has chosen to foray into the UAE eyewear market with the expertise of Vision Rx Lab, the internationally acclaimed company with over 60 years of experience in ophthalmic business.

Mr. Markus Schumm conducting the seminar

R+H is internationally renowned for its comprehensive range of lens products which includes high quality brand lenses for every requirement such as Single Vision lens like Naviso SV– a R+H freeform lens offering near optimisation with comfort add-on, inset adjustment according to reading distance, biometric accuracy of individual inset requirements,  Progressive lens like R+H Impulse which comes with Impulse™ technology, the first progressive lens technology which considers the visual habits of right and left handed wearers and also takes into consideration the  individual head tilt while reading or close up work, Special lens like EyeDrive which ensures reduced glare, sharp vision, large viewing zones for relaxed driving,  available both in SV and PAL and in Transitions XTRActive in three colours- Grey, Brown & Green Graphite.

The Vision Rx Lab team at the launch

Its product line also includes unique coatings such as Nanoperl-S – a super hydrophobic clean coating which comes with anti-static effect and innovative E-SPF UV protection, Nanoperl-S UV PLUS– a clear coating that effectively reduces annoying glares at night driving as well as during the day in the sun, Nanoperl-S UV Blue– blocks UV rays and reduces cold blue light, a perfect companion for everyday use, Nanoperl-S UV Purlux– a coating which not only provide superior protective function but also aesthetic appeal with colourless residual reflection and this particular coating was nominated at the prestigious Vision X VP Awards (Arabia) 2016 in the Most Popular Lens Coating/Value Add category.

Participants at the Abu Dhabi and Dubai Seminars

These exclusive products from R+H will be made available to select 50 elite opticians in the UAE and Vision Rx Lab will provide considerable support to each optician from time to time tosuccessfully establish this reputed international brand in the market. There will be dedicated training programmes on R+H for in-depth product knowledge, exclusive kits for selling and dispensing, and loyalty programs for opticians wherein special trophy will be given to the participants as a token of appreciation in recognition of their efforts in promoting R+H in their region.

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