Safilens At Opti 2014 For The German Market Launch Of 'Open 30'

Safilens makes a double strike in Munich.

OPEN-30After last year’s extraordinary debut, the Italian contact lens company is back at Opti for the German market launch of Open 30 – the first monthly silicone hydrogel lens based on the patented Fusion Technology.

Open 30 is the outcome of a research project lasting three years and was presented for the first time at Mido 2013. It stems from the intent to develop a contact lens that has minimal side effects. This objective was reached by using an innovative material such as Filcon V – the patented bio-silicone hydrogel the lens is made of – and also by carefully analyzing each aspect of the interaction between the contact lens and the anterior segment to eliminate the most common causes of “rejection” with leading-edge solutions. This has been achieved will absolute respect for the physiology of the eye.

OPEN-SYSTEMThe revolutionary ‘Open’ system consists of contact lens, all-in-one “Reload” solution and sonic wave generator. As a result of the Fusion Technology, the lens benefits from the combined action of hyaluronic acid (HA) and Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide (TSP): this synergy increases the hydrating, lubricating, mucomimetic, protective and cellular regeneration effect of the two single polymers, and promotes tear film stability. ‘Open Reload’ is an all-in-one solution containing highly-concentrated Fusion co-polymer based on a superior quality hyaluronic acid: a pharmaceutical-grade acid that does not use raw materials of animal origin or organic solvents and guarantees safety, stability and minimal risk of side effects. The sonic wave generator assures that any deposit build-up is removed and HA and TSP are reabsorbed during the night, for a regenerated lens every day.

OPEN is a combination of pharmacology and contactology and is currently one of the most advanced systems for managing monthly contact lenses on the market.

“After our excellent success on the Italian market, we could not but choose the Munich trade show to launch OPEN 30 on the German market”, said Safilens Managing Director Vincenzo Bruno. “Last year was our first time at Opti, and I must say that it was an all-out success. This is why we decided to make an ever bigger comeback this year”.

The German market has always been critical for Safilens, which has been using leading local distributors to sell its Safe-Gel range for years. “However, we will be using controlled distribution for OPEN 30 and the Fusion products”, Bruno said.


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