Acuvue Contact Lenses Celebrates 25 Years Of Revolutionary Eye Care

Disposable contact lenses’ popularity continues since first UK introduction in 1988.

Product-Range---ACUVUEWith a long tradition of innovations in contact lenses, this year Acuvue® Brand Contact Lenses is celebrating the 25th anniversary of their introduction of the first ever disposable soft contact lenses in the UK.

Launched in 1988, disposable lenses were a market changer and had a great impact on the way lenses were prescribed and worn, but the story of how these lenses came to be, began a few years earlier.

 Acuvue® Brand Contact Lenses’ original concept behind disposable lenses – that they should be worn only once and never reused – was revolutionary at the time. After extensive testing, the material used to make the lenses (etafilcon A) received FDA approval in the US in 1978, paving the way for Johnson & Johnson to perfect the manufacturing process in the coming years. In 1987, disposable soft lenses were released in the US market, and the following year, in the UK.

In the decades since this milestone launch, there have been significant developments in the industry. All  Acuvue®’s contact lenses incorporate UV-protection, have a new edge design for easier handling and increased comfort, and come in environmentally-friendly cardboard boxes instead of plastic containers.

“A quarter of a century has passed since Acuvue® Brand Contact Lenses revolutionized the contact lens industry with the introduction of the first disposable soft contact lens and we are extremely proud of our impact on the industry and how we have changed lives,” said Dr. Razmig Knajian, Senior Professional and Medical Affairs Manager, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Middle East. “We continue to innovate to provide consumers with contact lenses that deliver clearer vision, unrivalled comfort, and healthier eyes. We will continue to pursue new technologies and the highest quality standards for the next 25 years to come to help people around the region and the world see better.”

One aspect of disposable lenses that have not changed is their popularity among consumers. Ideally suited for part-time wearers (those who wear contact lenses 1-3 days per week), disposable lenses have a number of benefits. From an eye care perspective, they have fewer eye complications, and are easy to fit and use. From a consumer perspective, disposable lenses provide greater comfort and satisfaction, with spare lenses easily obtainable at minimal costs.

Another reason for the sustained popularity of disposable contact lenses has been the addressing of myths and misconceptions about them. Contact Lens awareness campaigns, such as the one being implemented by  Acuvue® Brand Contact Lenses in the Middle East, have helped dispel any misconceptions and educate consumers on the health benefits of contact lenses.

The last 25 years have seen a revolution in contact lenses, but the next 25 promise to be equally eventful. With people looking to experiment with their looks now more than ever, disposable contact lenses are ideally set up for a surge in demand. Not only are they a perfect way to add a sparkle to nights out or special occasions, they offer increased eye protection and freedom of movement, with new breakthroughs always around the corner.

As consumers better understand contact lenses continue to make the shift to wearing them,  Acuvue® brand Contact Lenses will continue innovating and evolving these humble devices into visionary masterpieces.


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