Things You Can Do During World Sight Day And All Through The Month With Moorfields!

Moorfields marks World Sight Day on 11th October  and all through the month with community events and intensive patient follow-ups. 

Moorfields is marking World Sight Day 2018 with a series of community events and an intense series of patient follow-ups during the month, when the hospital expects to see almost 3,000 patients. Moorfields’ permanent local consultants will be teaming up with visiting sub-specialists from Moorfields London to enable joint consultations and cross-referrals for patients during the month of World Sight Day. Moorfields is the world’s leading eye hospital and the first specialist eye hospital in the world.

The Moorfields consultants specialise in retinal eye disease, cornea and refractive vision correction surgery, genetic eye disease, vitreoretinal surgery, uveitis, glaucoma, oculoplastic surgery, adult and paediatric eye tumours, and an ocularist who makes artificial eyes.  The team of consultants will hold close to 3,000 patient consultations during October, with patients coming from Europe, Africa and the Middle East for the opportunity to meet teams of Moorfields consultants in the UAE – in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Dr Mariya Moosajee is a Consultant Ophthalmologist, an eminent researcher specialising in Genetic Eye Disease, and one of the Visiting Consultants to Moorfields Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where she is launching a new genetic service in the UAE to provide patients with genetic testing and enable access to the latest information on drug and gene therapy trials to treat inherited eye diseases. Dr Moosajee is already consulting patients in the UAE who are undergoing genetic testing to identify the cause of retinal disease and enable access to clinical trials that may be able to offer a treatment for their blinding condition.

Elhadi, Mangaing Director, Moorfileds, Dubai

Elhadi Hassan, Managing Director, Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai, said: “Long term continuity of care is an essential element of treatment for serious eye conditions and this requires regular follow up with the lead consultant supported by other specialists, who may be needed. Our ability to bring our London expertise in support of the local team of consultants means that patients can be examined, diagnosed, cross referred and treated by a multi-specialist team of consultants on site, making access very easy and convenient for patients from across the region, over the long term, even for the most complex cases.”

In addition, Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai will support and partner the ExpatWoman annual breakfast at Burj Al Arab on October 14th, where a Moorfields consultant will speak on eye beauty and health in celebration of World Sight Day.

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