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A unique concept that promises to help opticians keep abreast of technical know-how without having to stay away from their work for long — VP Academy is a whole new perspective to continuous education as a collaborative effort by the leaders in the eyecare industry

Sunil Jain, a prominent optician based in Vadodara has this to say: “Sometimes customers keep asking a million questions based on half-knowledge that they have from the internet, and it gets really frustrating to deal with them. Forget my sales staff, even I don’t have answers to their googlies”. Sunil is not the only one to face this predicament. And there’s only one solution. Update your product and business practices knowledge before it shows up on the first page of google search. This applies not just to you, but your sales staff as well, because at the end of it, it’s them who interact with the customers the most.

Now the question is, how?

So far, opticians have relied on communication from eyewear companies and browsing through trade journals as their only sources of information, besides the occasional references that they themselves conduct with a google search. But this doesn’t seem enough anymore, does it?

Reading is a necessity for any professional, irrespective of the field they are in as a mode to gain information. But nothing beats a good old feel of a classroom environment where you get to hear experts stress on the important points with modulation of their voices and hand gestures. Also, being surrounded by like-minded and serious professionals, asking relevant questions gets your grey cells working in a way that a passive read on the tablet simply cannot replicate.

To recreate this classroom environment and build knowledge banks, VisionPlus has associated with Essilor and other key companies in the optical industry. The target is to help opticians stay true to the commitment of continuous education without keeping them away from their practices for too long.

VisionPlus Academy, or VP Academy is a forum for eyecare professionals with study topics curated by some of the best professionals in the country. Designed as a full-day program with concentrated information on 3 to 5 key topics that are important for the improvement of any existing practice. These include lectures on Ophthalmic Lens Technology; Best Practices For Dispensing Contact Lens; Intricacies Of Eyewear Retailing; Updates On Future Technologies; and other key subjects.

All this will be presented through a highly focussed one day program which allows opticians and optometrists to cover a wide array of concerns without having to repeatedly stay away from their practices.

This certificate course would also have online refresher modules for their attendees in the form of webinars so they can refer back to what they have learnt even a few months after they have attended the course.

Besides this, VP Academy has also envisioned a unique rating system called EyeQ for eyecare professionals which will help them project their professional knowledge in an unbiased and objective manner. This will help the customer gain confidence in the optician, which in turn will allow the practitioner to give better service and professional advice to the customer.


What VP Academy will offer?

VP Academy will offer an unbiased and impartial approach to providing education and training.

While retaining the seriousness of classroom training, VP Academy will ensure that quality education is provided to opticians in a fun environment. This in turn will improve quality of education.

The key beneficiaries of VP Academy would be Optometrists and Opticians that are looking to upgrade their knowledge of the latest in technology and innovation of products as well as consumer/practice management.

There is a nominal fee for every course conducted by VP Academy. This is to ensure that only opticians with a serious aptitude to learn enroll themselves for the courses. After all, access to quality education through VP Academy will pave the way for a better and brighter future of the optical trade in India.

In the first year, VP Academy plans to conduct 4 courses in various cities across India highlighting the significance of continuous education in the eyecare industry and encouraging the spread of optometry education in India. The first course is tentatively scheduled in Mumbai during the month of May, 2018.

Write to vpacademy@fourplusmedia.com to know more about the upcoming course details and information on how to register for VP Academy.

Benefits for opticians  

Certification : VP Academy will offer certification courses that will opticians add relevant qualifications to their resume thereby fueling the progression of their career. The unique rating system proposed by VP Academy will give opticians to be rated on a national level giving them a better exposure.

Confidence: The inputs from experts and best in class learning environment will give opticians a chance to gain more out of every session and go back to doing their business with greater confidence. After all, opticians will be more confident in guiding customers to make the right purchase. 

Networking: Courses conducted by VP Academy are an excellent opportunity for opticians to interact with members of their fraternity and expand their network. Additionally, such interactions are an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and enhance their learning.

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