ZEISS Joins Fashion Collaboration To Support Optometry Giving Sight

AM Eyewear, photographer Pierre Toussaint and ZEISS join forces to launch a charity campaign to support Optometry Giving Sight

Anja Konstantinova with AM Eyewear's St Barts Black
Anja Konstantinova with AM Eyewear’s St Barts Black

When fashion, design and precision join forces, the outcome is bound to be special. Together with the Australian framemaker AM Eyewear and fashion photographer Pierre Toussaint, the ZEISS Sunlens Business Unit in Italy collaborates on a collection of high-fashion sunglasses.

When Pierre Toussaint first had the idea to create a range of sunglasses to raise money for eye research, having worked with the brand previously, he approached Australian AM Eyewear to aide in the design and manufacture of the collection. Together with  ZEISS, the SAINT/AM EYEWEAR collaboration was created. The motifs for this charity campaign, featuring model Anja Konstantinova, were shot with ZEISS lenses.

A limited edition of three unique and feminine shapes named after the idyllic locations of St Bart, St Tropez and St Lucia have been created and are each available in multiple colourways. With the backing of numerous high-profile celebrities and models, a contribution of all lenses for this collaboration and a further 10 per cent of all sales being donated to Optometry Giving Sight, ZEISS and the SAINT/AM EYEWEAR collaboration hopes to provide the much-needed support to the millions of people around the world who need an eye exam and corrective eyewear.


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