ADLENS® launching new product on the SILMO 2013 stage

Adlens® chooses the esteemed  Silmo stage to officially present its new product: Adlens® Adjustables™.

Adlens-logoFor the second time, Adlens®, the global leader in variable focus eyewear, will be exhibiting at Silmo, Mondial de l’Optique, with their European joint venture partner Mondottica. Adlens® chose this esteemed occasion and the Silmo stage to officially present its new product: Adlens® Adjustables™.

Like the multi award winning Emergensee™ eyeglasses, Adlens® Adjustables™ are built on Alvarez lens technology. Each lens is comprised of two wave-shaped plates that can glide across one another to alter the power of each lens. These glasses can correct over 90% of spherical errors (lens power -6 to +3 dioptres) and were designed to be used in various types of situations: for up-close work,  computer use, DIY & yard work and for managing fluctuating vision in diabetes patients or after eye surgery.

Adlens-glassesThis new cutting–edge product delivers a more aesthetic set of glasses with improved optics. As such, this generation presents several changes: the brow bar is more ergonomic for a modern look, the improved optics results in an optimised  reading zone, the nosepiece is adjustable for a comfortable fit, and finally the frame and temple arms have been developed, giving the glasses a light weight feel. When they are released, Adlens® Adjustables™ will be available in black, blue, grey/black and red/black followed by new colours before the end of the year.

 Adlens® AdjustablesTM will complement existing Adlens® variable focus eyewear and create opportunities for growth into new markets.

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