Adlens®: Michael C. Ferrara Speaks At TEDx

Michael C. Ferrara, CEO & Executive Chairman of Adlens®, took center stage at TEDx Orange Coast to talk about changing the world through the application of his business philosophy: Social IP™.

TED bring together a community of like-minded and highly engaged forward-thinking innovators, designers, educators, technologists, and environmentally and socially concerned individuals. Their mission is to help turn inspiring ideas into actions.

Mike Ferrara was invited to talk about Social IP™ his innovative approach to leadership that empowers individuals to take on accountability as they strive towards a unified goal. Having refined his recipe over 30 years of experience across multiple industries achieving rapid results in each venture, Adlens® is Ferrara’s latest and most powerful success story.

Founded in 2005, Adlens® is the global leader in variable focus eyewear, revolutionary technology that mimics the eye’s natural behaviour. Ferrara spoke passionately regarding the lack of resources for prescribing eyewear in the developing world, and identified how Adlens®’ pioneering technology is contributing towards breaking the cycle of deprivation, but only with the backing of a profitable business model can its efforts continue.

Since Ferrara assumed leadership in 2011 the company has undergone a phase of intense product development and commercialisation as well as rapid worldwide expansion. Ferrara is driving the business to create safe and appealing eyewear that people love to use in both the developing and developed worlds. He talked about the evolution of the variable focus lens, from its first invention in the 18 hundreds, using glass and water, all the way through to the latest in cutting edge technology launching later this year, Variable Power Optics.

Through the application of Social IP™ Ferrara has led the company in the successful globalisation of a brand new eyewear category, in a market that had previously remained static for over 50 years, since the invention of the progressive lens.

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