Indian Optometric Association at Malaga 2013

Over 300 optometric and optics professionals from more than 40 countries came together in Malaga, Spain, for European Academy annual conference.

485476_513994045325544_368545090_nIn keeping with the Academy’s aim of building professional networks internationally, this conference was part of Malaga 2013, a unique optometric and optics gathering that also included the European Council of Optometry and Optics’ General Assembly, the World Council of Optometry General Delegates’ Meeting and the Spanish General Council of Optometry’s National Conference.

The conference featured lectures, clinical workshops, discussion forums and case studies from over 30 international experts, with many sessions offering continuing professional development on a range of topics, including computerized screening in older people, sudden loss of vision in a young patient and controversies in contact lens care. Over 100 poster presentations were also on display during the conference by presenters from around the world.

Ms Yogita L Rajgandhi was the only one who attended the conference at Malaga-Spain-2013 represent ting Indian Optometric Association as West Regional Representative. Yogita Rajgandhi is the only Indian Delegate-Presenter from India for poster on the topic of the wider role of Indian Optometric Association in shaping the development of Optometry profession in India. She have received the travel bursary from World Council Of Optometry for Rs 1,000$ for her poster presentation.

She presented a paper on 21st April 2013 for the EAOO-ECOO-WCO conference. She shared her experience and knowledge in the field of optometry from India and also highlighted the Significance and potential of IOA and also IOA actively involved in forming the ASCO-India, IOF.

DSC09261She shared the current status of Optometry in India and standardization, legalization, potential growth of optometrists and employment of optometrist in various stream, IOA having high amount of registered optometrists have a great opportunity to train thousands of diploma optometrists in India and upgrade them through degree level bridge programs.

She requested to WCO officials about expertise guidance for the legalization in India at General delegate Meeting on 19th April. Yogita did take active interest in attending the discussion, oral presentation and case study and closing ceremony.

It was wonderful event to attend and be a part of it. It was a great platform to share and do advocacy about IOA. The conference also provided a platform to interact and network with many visionaries in the field of education and public eye health.

The development of an advocacy strategy to help lobby governments around the world to ensure optometry is recognized as a key profession in the public health sector was one of the main topics of conversation at the World Council of Optometry’s (WCO) recent General Delegates’ Meeting in Malaga, Spain on 21 April.

The annual conference provided a forum where people working in optometry and optics across the globe could come together to share research, information and best practice, and learn from each other’s experiences in their own countries. It was proudest moment for me as only presenter-delegate from India. Optometry is Profession of Humanity. It is very esteemed profession and I would like to share with IOA and other National organization of Optometry to take forward the recognition of optometry as Primary eye care profession in India.

It was indeed a wonderful experience to discuss the Optometry news and update from the developing world. The conference was great success in bringing together optometry educators and practitioners from the world to meet and discuss the needs, challenges and future of the profession.

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