The New Edition Of OMO-Optica Monitor At MIDO 2018!

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The new entry at MIDO 2018 is focus on innovation that also involves consumption and consumers: a new edition of OMO-Optica Monitor is being presented

This research carried out by GFK investigates the eyewear buying and use of habits on consumers in the most important economies.

The data from last half-yearly update of the study presented in September outlined several tendencies: sunglasses are increasingly a must for Europeans. We are increasingly buying online, via smartphone and much quicker than last year, in particular as regards sunglasses and due to price. However investigation also says that for the consumer, the in-store experience still makes the difference.

Experts are integrating all these considerations into their own contexts in order to understand how to deal with the market of the future. In the same area, however from a sociological and cultural point of view, Francesco Morace from Future concept Lab will present future consumer types and the main conceptual and value references to help creative and companies intercept their fantasies and desires.

Catch more updates with VisionPlus! Meet us at: Hall 6 – Press Village, Booth 4!


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