Opti 2014 : Walk Of Frame Surge Excitement

More than 500 exhibitors and over 24,000 visitors! Opti 2014 is all prepared and structured. Read on to find out some interesting and exciting moments on the second day of Opti 2014 and to get an exclusive glimpse of the Opti boxes in hall C4. This is where newcomers to the world of optics showcase their innovative creations.

One of Opti’s Facebook post says – Are you thirsty or hungry or both? Or do you need a break? Then have a KitKat or visit one of Opti’s bars: Walk of Frame bar in hall C1 and YES! Lounge in hall C4. Something special for visitors!1551631_735034673173347_58804563_n

Thrilling to see as there were many newcomers who brought with them excitement and innovation. The fair is the perfect platform for the companies to present their products to the trade show visitors in the showcases.

These showcases are located at the central avenue, which crosses the whole section and which is a main design element of the ‘Walk of Frame’. In addition, on the first day of the show, the trade press meeting also take place at the ‘Walk of Frame’. Here, there is something special for the visitors.

Sunday Somewhere

Sunday Somewhere travelled more than 14,000 km to come to Opti that is all the way from Australia!

“We are the Edelweyes company, and have our own production facility for spectacle frames with wooden temple stands; either with mid-sections in wood, aluminium or acetate. This is our first time on the Walk of Frame. We decided not just to check out the display cases, but to showcase our own products here and to do the decorations a built differently. So it’s not all carefully organised, but a little bit chaotic; and yes… quite different!” says Robert Schnötzinger – Managing Director – Edelweyes.

1551506_735750386435109_1010659906_nKatja Grabowski of Minima Berlin wants to showcase their latest models in Munich. “The Minima Junior Style product range is of particular importance. A line of frameless glasses for children, with interchangeable colour accents. This means that the kids can create their own frames!” says an excited Katja.

Guido Kiefer – Managing Director of Wagner + Kühner said, “We are please to present on the Walk of Frame, our new products. Here an important factor is the production and design takes place entirely in Germany.”As well as organising the Walk of Frame, exhibition hall C1 is where the Opti visitors are sure to find unconventional styles and lifestyle brands; from Police to Red Bull Racing.

Football star Christoph Metzelder

Opti 2014 also witnessed Football star Christoph Metzelder at the event, he represented his foundation for disadvantaged children and youths, managing to bag one euro for each signature! And there’s a bonus; Christoph Metzelder is really into glasses! “In recent months, I’ve seen how important glasses have become, as an accessory. Many people wear completely clear lenses with no correction at all! People are happy to wear spectacles and I’m one of them. Not only when driving their car, but also in everyday life,” says Christoph.

Opti 2014 rightly states that for a man who is into glasses, the Opti has a lot to offer!

For further information on Opti go to: www.opti.de/en.
View the Opti Munich flyer, View the hall plan.

Tips for going out can be found in the City Guide and Restaurant Guide: www.messe-cityguide.de &www.messerestaurantfuehrer.de

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