This Is Why Optic India 2018 Could Be A Game Changer

Optic India 2018 organised in Navi Mumbai this year began with mixed emotions on the first day of the exhibition, turns out it could be a game changer for many!

Optic India 2018 was hosted in Navi Mumbai at CIDCO, Vashi, a prestigious trade fair complex from January 20, 2018 to January 22, 2018.

Actor Ronit Roy at Optic India 2018

The show offered a wide range of opportunities in terms of growing the business and networking.

This year’s show witnessed a lot of new players stepping into the optical trade trying to make the most of the opportunities available.  From glamour to eye-care, the show had ample space for all. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it one of the most important events for the Indian Optical fraternity. The brand owners, as well as the opticians, consider it extremely successful in terms of emerging as an excellent opportunity to interact, learn from each other and exchange ideas.

Mr Navin Chheda, Mr Surendra Gangar, Mr Harish Gajjar and Mr Siraj Bolar (Left To Right)

We, at VisionPlus would like to extend our compliments to the organisers: MOA and RSD for pulling up a successful three-day show! The new players or rather first timers at the exhibition got an excellent opportunity to interact with the stalwarts and learn the tricks of the trade. The already established companies had the chance to showcase their portfolio and share impressive plans for 2018.

VisionPlus has always been supportive of any initiative that is a step towards ensuring the greater good of the optical trade fraternity.  Its association with Optic India is a sterling example of the goodwill that the publication enjoys. VisionPlus has been exhibiting with OpticIndia for over a decade now, and the connect has only grown stronger.

According to the Optic India website, this year’s exhibition welcomed more than 16,000 visitors from all over the country. From the looks of it, the actual number may have well exceeded the quoted figure as the second day of the exhibition opened to a full house.

Mr Mukesh Moradia, Pramukh Optical

The exhibitors sure treated this three-day event as a game changer for their trade, for the whole year to follow.  In terms of business, networking and trends. It won’t be wrong to recognise this exhibition as an important event that catalyses the development of the industry. From providing professionals the business exposure they needed to helping the new brands with no previous optical industry background, OpticIndia emerged as a platform to launch and shine. The exhibition also provided a globally-focused, industry-recognised platform and a space to assess one’s abilities, to learn about new innovations, latest trends, to educate oneself of new styles and technology, pertaining to the domain of optical trade.

Mr Parth Gosalia with Mr Ashish Gosalia

In addition to the extensive portfolios on display, some exhibitors also hosted a live show where models wore the latest sunglass collection from different brands and flaunted the styles.

Distributors like Sterling Group, Eternity Lifestyle, Opticado, Mangalsons, Scavin and more, had models display their brands through ramp-walks and belly-dancing! While the brand owners who were keen on displaying and flaunting their home brands like Scott, Opium, Kosch and more enjoyed a vast range of footfall and claimed to have recorded good number for their business during the exhibition. Interestingly, many of the opticians shared a common opinion when asked how the implementation of GST affected the trade? They said and we quote, “It has only made the business more organised.

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