Silmo Paris 2019

SILMO 2019, A 360° Trade Fair

SILMO, a 360° trade fair that offers professionals the opportunity to immerse themselves in this universe in a new way and to enjoy a not-to-be-missed convivial break at the Champagne Bar. Here is an overview of what you absolutely should not miss  before and during the trade fair

With some thousand exhibitors covering the entire optical and eyewear industry, the SILMO is just as recognized and eagerly awaited for the many activities that it offers, demonstrating its philosophy : to combine information and discoveries with a fun, friendly spirit.

SILMO Paris 2019 will be hosted from Sep 27 – Sep 30, 2019 Parc des Expositions de Villepinte, France

New in 2019

The SILMO Hackathon

New in this edition and a world première: for 24 hours, five international multidisciplinary teams of five people each are invited to imagine tomorrow’s retail world. Open to professionals in vision, distribution, merchandising, design, the social sciences, marketing and production – from the optical world or elsewhere, this collaborative event should provide some stimulating answers to the changes on the way.

Silmo Paris 2019
Silmo Paris

SILMO Gaming

Retro gaming is in vogue, attracting enthusiasts and nostalgics alike to video games dating from the 1980s to the early 2000s. According to a study by Ipsos Connect/ISFE for Gamesindustry 2018, 49% of the European players surveyed state that they love the old-school games of their youths, with the sound effects, music and colour palettes that symbolize a whole generation. This phenomenon has not escaped the attention of the SILMO, which offers its visitors to
discover or rediscover three great video game classics to be  evealed bit by bit before the trade fair opens.

SILMO D’OR: The 25th Anniversary

The SILMO D’OR awards have been recognizing companies all over the world since 1994, and this edition is an opportunity to look back on how much these past 25 years have stimulated R&D with technological innovations and stylistic creations that have enabled the optical and eyewear world to make great strides.

Silmo Paris

The French Touch

Behind each exhibitor is a company, a story, an identity, and enthusiastic, involved professionals : the SILMO pays tribute to them in words and images, with a focus on the experts of French eyewear.

The Selection

At the SILMO NEXT space, and in a direct reflection of the trends revealed in the Trends by Silmo publication, the Selection presents an exclusive, selective panorama of trendy products by the exhibitors, a three-dimensional showcase of the digital magazine.

Silmo Paris 2019 - Silmo Next
Silmo Paris – Silmo Next


The futurology space remains the central hub of the future of the optical industry at the heart of the trade fair, featuring theme lectures on the markets, innovative business corners that anticipate technological changes, a bustling interactive discussion space to better grasp the transformations underway in the optical and eyewear industry, and a variety of products and distribution services.

The Talks

Each day, the SILMO NEXT space features conferences, speeches and points of view on the field. Within 30 minutes, each speaker presents a perspective to help envision and understand the future.
On the programme :
“The Future of Retail and the Value of Fit” by George Thaw, CEO of Fuel 3D

“Smart Glasses vs Fashion Eyewear, threats and possibilities on a new huge market” by Mikael Eriksson, CEO of Skugga Technologies AB

“Lexilens, the dyslexia-correcting eyeglasses” by Michael Kodochian, Innovation & Strategic Projects Director of Abeye

“Connected frames & Intelligent frames: a world of difference!” by Philippe Peyrard, CEO of Ellcie Healthy

“Imagining the Future of Eyewear Retail: Welcome to Atelier Futurity” by Dr Alireza Paradian, Head of Global Business Strategy for Wearables Materialise

“The digitalisation of frames to improve the purchasing experience” by Guido Cornettone, VP Marketing, and Dominique Bazin, VP Sales, of Fitting Box

“The glasses of the future” by Sébastien Brusset, CEO of JAW Studio

“How to humanise sales thanks to digital technology?” by Joël Nguyen, co-founder of Unimi

“Guidance for eco-responsible opticians” by Caroline Riehl, editor-in-chief of Les Lunettes Ecologiques Magazine

“Trends and Commitment, the new keys to success for your brands” by Virginie Corbasson, consulting director for Carlin

“Laclarée, a new technology of adaptive glasses to correct far-sightedness” by Jessica Jarosz, R&D engineer, and Bruno Berge, CEO, of Laclarée

“2020 market perspectives and trends in the optical and eyewear industry” by Dominique Cuvillier, CEO of Cuvillier Consultant, director of the Trends by Silmo publication.

Silmo Paris 2019 - Silmo Academy
Silmo Paris – Silmo Academy

SILMO Academy

Keeping up to date with scientific progress and learning new practices : the SILMO Academy remains the place of choice where opticians and vision specialists may develop their knowledge.
This edition focuses on “refraction”: its disorders, its physiology, its solutions, prescriptions, and so on. Join us on Sunday 29 September 2019.

Complete Programme

During the event, the Silmo Academy Scientific Council will grant, for the fourth consecutive year, a grant of € 10,000 for a scientific research project in the optical and vision field. The competition is open to all researchers or research teams who apply, subject to an application selection process.

Nos Chers Opticiens: The Web Series

Since August 29th, the second season of the SILMO web series “Nos chers opticiens” has been following the adventures of Mathilde and Grégoire through seven new episodes, featuring new characters and unexpected twists.


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