Practical Optical Dispensing Course

Practical Optical Dispensing Course-O219

Practical Optical Dispensing Course-O219 is now open for applications

Practical Optical Dispensing Course – O219, in association with LV Prasad institute and Brien Holden Vision Institute, is now open for applications. It will be hosted between 18 to 20 Nov, 2019.

The course is designed for practitioners with max two years of experience. However experienced practitioners can still apply, if they wish to.

The course will be divided into 3 sessions, namely Technical Skills, Soft Skills and Science. Each session will have various topics and ideas that will be elaborated and the practitioners  will be thought its practical use.

The session will be covering the following topics

Technical Skills

  • Investigating on the unknown lens
  • Extracting the clues from the frame (includes frame materials)
  • Essential calculations for practice
  • Enhancing the cosmesis, but scientifically
  • Face and frame measurements. Should you be skillful or dependent on gadgets?
  • Objective Structured Practical Learning (Task analysis, offering the solutions by pair of spectacles and troubleshooting)


  • Overview of the basics
  • Ophthalmic lens designs
  • Modern progressive addition lenses
  • Face and Frame measurements
  • Lens Surface enhancements
  • Absorptive lenses

Soft Skills

  • Effective communication
  • Working with team and conflict management
  • Translating product features to benefits for the client
  • Upgrading (How to upgrade your client)
  • Negotiation
  • Customer service

Last date of application is 25 Sep, 2019
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