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1525217_619812971411504_1653958584_nVP Awards is giving opticians in India a voice. Vote for products and brands that best reflects the taste of your customers!

Optical business in India has the potential to grow far beyond the size that it is currently limited to — not just in volumes, but in terms of quality too. This VP Awards initiative by FourPlus Media opens an informal, yet inclusive, channel of communication from the opticians to the distributors and brands, bridging all previous gaps.

If the Indian film industry has its Filmfare and IIFA awards, why should the Indian optical industry be left behind? Presenting VP Awards — the first of its kind awards for the Indian optical business from none other than FourPlus Media. With its flagship publication VisionPlus ( previously known as OpticPlus) and its recently launched You&Eye magazine, FourPlus Media has been widely appreciated for achieving its goal of making a difference in the optical trade and industry in India, Middle East and South East Asia.

Optic Plus issue for the month of November December 2006
VP Awards is yet another step forward. This latest initiative is aimed at recognising the efforts and achievements of some of the most successful personalities and business houses of the Indian optical fraternity. But more importantly, it gives opticians across India, a voice. They now have an opportunity to vote for products and brands that they feel best reflect the tastes of their customers.

This, of course, is the most crucial aspect for any optical business, and is directly related to the sales and profitability of every optical retail business. “ Besides this,” says Mr Siraj Bolar, CEO of FourPlus Media and Editor-in-Chief of VisionPlus, “VP Awards gives each optician a clearer picture of what the market, as a whole, is moving towards. It helps them plan their moves and align themselves with the leading opticians in the country.” While the entries for the awards have been pouring in at the VisionPlus office, the final nominations would be announced at the end of the year, by a select jury panel comprising eminent opticians from the country.

Optic Plus issue for the month of November December 2006VOTING FOR OPTICIANS

There are over 25 awards’ categories that brands and distributors would compete for, with opticians polling online on to decide the winner. Voting opens on Jan 01, 2014 and ends on Feb 02, 2014. We would highly recommend logging on to the site in advance and registering for the ‘reminder’ facility that they’re offering optician voters, so they don’t miss out on their right to vote. Besides this, you could also ‘Like’ the VisionPlus official facebook page  to remain updated on the developments.


From the perspective of the brands and its distributors, VP Awards offers them a chance to get their efforts recognised. Every brand and distributor takes great efforts to bring out each collection and model into the eyewear market, and it is their vision that ultimately moulds the market offerings. Winning a VP Award, is, in a manner of speaking, getting appreciation and acknowledgement from the industry for their efforts.

And of course, it gives them an opportunity, to finally lay claim to being the best in the industry, be it the luxury eyewear sector, Indian brands, lenses, contact lens, optometry colleges, etc. Opticians can be assured that the winning products would surely be the best in its class in the industry. And with this confidence they can guide their customers to selecting what’s best — without any doubt.

Optic Plus issue for the month of November December 2006HERE’S WHAT THE INDUSTRY HAS TO SAY:

  • The VP Awards initiated by FourPlus Media is an excellent concept. This will surely create a lot of excitement in our industry, specially for the brand owners, distributors and vision care institutes. It will hopefully bring in an innovative concept for these organizations to get recognition. I am also sure that this initiative will create an interest amongst optical retailers who will look forward to keep abreast of trends and innovation happening in the industry. The cascading effect of this only leads to better industry standards. Since this is the first initiative in the industry, I am sure there will be some learning lessons from it. Sometimes such concepts gather momentum and over time I am sure this kind of an event will achieve immense significance and become a much awaited event.” — Snehal Turakhia, CEO,Turakhia Opticians


  • The VP Awards is a great initiative from VisionPlus magazine. Similar to how an award or getting recognition is important in the automobile industry, an award ceremony in the optical industry and vision care domain will be well appreciated by all. It will increase the awareness of the industry in the eyes of the public as well as help in promotion of the brands and contribute to brand awareness. I would like to be associated with this endeavour in any way possible.” — Dr Cyres Mehta, M.S. (OPHTH) F. A. S. C. R. S. (USA) FSVH (GERMANY) FSES (USA) Surgical Director, International Eye Centre


  • I think the VP Awards is a good idea and it needs to be implemented well.” — Ketan Parikh, MD, Sterling Group


  • This award is an excellent initative from VisionPlus magazine. But I must also mention that the entry price for Indian products is way too high.” — Bhavin Kothari, Ganko Opticians


  • I saw the brochure for VP Awards and I think this is a good effort. It will motivate people in the optical industry to innovate and keep growing. I have however noticed that there are very few awards for B2C innovation, growth and customer service. Most of the award categories are for B2B. It would be great to have something in the B2C categories as well, so that the public is aware of the tremendous amount of innovation that goes into optical products. Also, you should have some awards on efforts to reduce vision gaps in India.” — Peyush Bansal Founder,


  • The VP Awards from VisionPlus magazine is a very good initiative and I am totally in favour of it.” — Subodh Modhe, Area Sales Director, Satisloh AG, India Branch Office


❖ Best New Spectacle Frame ( Luxury Segment)
❖ Best New Spectacle Frame ( Male/Unisex – Premium Segment)
❖ Best New Spectacle Frame ( Female – Premium Segment)
❖ Best New Spectacle Frame ( Male/Unisex – Indian Brand)
❖ Best New Spectacle Frame ( Female – Indian Brand) SUNGLASSES
❖ Best New Sunglass Model ( Luxury Segment)
❖ Best New Sunglass Model ( Male/Unisex – Premium Segment)
❖ Best New Sunglass Model ( Female – Premium Segment)
❖ Best New Sunglass Model ( Male/Unisex – Indian Brand)
❖ Best New Sunglass Model ( Female – Indian Brand) MORE
❖ Best New Sports Eyewear
❖ Best New Children’s Eyewear
❖ Best New Fashion Eyewear Collection OPHTHALMIC LENS
❖ Most Popular Lenses (Progressive)
❖ Most Popular Lens (Value)
❖ Most Popular Lens Coating CONTACT LENS
❖ Most Popular Oph. Contact Lens
❖ Most Popular Coloured Contact Lens
❖ Best Value Enhancer (Retail)
❖ Best Value Enhancer (Lab)SPECIAL AWARDS
❖ Best Optometry or CSR Initiative
❖ Best Optometry Institute
❖ Best Marketing Initiative (Indian Brands)
❖ Special Jury Award


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