Eye-Doctors suggest people switch from lenses to glasses to avoid COVID-19

Switch From Contact Lenses To Glasses To Avoid COVID-19

In the current situation of the pandemic spread of COVID-19, ophthalmologist suggests wearing eye glasses more often than lenses. American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) have released a statement saying that wearing glasses may lessen the urge to touch your eyes.

“When a sick person coughs or talks, virus particles can spray from their mouth or nose into another person’s face,” according to the AAO. “You’re most likely to inhale these droplets through your mouth or nose, but they can also enter through your eyes. You can also become infected by touching something that has the virus on it – like a table or doorknob – and then touching your eyes.”

Dr. Sonal Tuli, a spokesperson for AAO, said “Substituting glasses for lenses can decrease irritation and force you to pause before touching your eyes,”

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The virus is mainly spread through respiratory droplets via a cough or sneeze or by touching a contaminated surface or object then touching your face, it can also spread through the eyes. Wearing glasses may also help add a layer of protection from respiratory droplets of an infected person.

Health officials have stressed frequent hand-washing with soap and warm water and avoiding touching one’s face are among the best defences against COVID-19 transmission. One can wash their glasses too with plain soap & water to keep infection at bay.

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