Lorraine Berton Makes History As First Female President Of ANFAO

Lorraine Berton has been elected to lead ANFAO, the National Association of Optical Goods Manufacturers. The new President, the first woman in this position who will be leading the Association for the next four years, succeeds Giovanni Vitaloni, President from 2017.

The appointment was made at the end-of-year Meeting, in the splendid setting of the Scuola Grande della Misericordia in Venice.

The new Board, composed of Vice Presidents Sabrina Paulon and Massimo Barberis, from this year’s President of the ANFAO Lens Group, Davide Degl’Incerti Tocci, President of the ANFAO Youth Group, Nicola Belli and Michele Gasparini, was also appointed. Attending by entitlement was the Past President.

The Board will be joined by other delegates for specific activities: Enrico Tormen, Renato Sopracolle, and Paolo Pettazzoni have been confirmed on the Technical Commission, Eurom1, and Sight Protection Commission, respectively.

Lorraine Berton, former ANFAO Vice President in charge of Industrial Relations, has extensive experience in the sector. A businesswoman, she is the owner, with her sister Elena, of the company ARLECCHINO SRL, which has been producing glasses for 35 years, and of TWO B SRL. She also has experience in Confindustria, where she is currently President of Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti. Also President of the Ente Bilaterale Occhialeria and the ANFAO Trade Union Commission, she decided to offer her expertise to the Association out of a spirit of service and aware that she can do an important job.

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