Movitra:The Very Definition Of Contemporary Luxury Eyewear

Departing from its innovative one-of-a-kind patented rotation system launched in 2016, already an intrinsic feature of the collection, Movitra has developed and evolved an exclusive and luxurious eyewear product, handcrafted in precisely selected fine materials, with advanced and innovative construction techniques, particular to their product.

With optical and sunglass styles featured in the latest collections, behind each frame is a process of research and development, carefully managed to create the ultimate fusion of functionality and aesthetics, where every detail counts and every part of the construction is precisely finished with an exciting combination of traditional craft and advanced Italian production techniques.

Different types of treatments are applied to the lenses, from anti-reflective to hydrophobic and oil-phobic coatings. The purity of the raw materials, and the high standards of production and control, guarantee a lens product of the highest quality and all-round comfort.


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